The World Series: Bats, Bases, and Beards

By Jacob Haun.

For those who might not have noticed it, The Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the 8th time since their foundation in 1901. And if this is not enough of a special event, the Sox won in Fenway Park, their ballpark since 1912, in which they have not won since 1918.

The Red Sox

Composed of 36 players, including the 2013 MVP David Ortiz (also known as Big Papi), manager John Farrell, seven coaches, and their mascot the “Green Monster,” the Red Sox are known for their behavior similar to that of “Duck Dynasty” with their own rituals like the pulling of their teammates’ beards after a win. Demonstrated by the impressive 6:1 win against the St. Louis Cardinals, they are also very good players.

St. Louis Cardinals 

With eleven World Series titles, the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the strongest teams in baseball today. Established in 1882, this old American team has intense influence and has contributed much to today’s games.

36 players, including nine coaches and manager Mike Matheny, are keeping their fans behind them, even after the 6:1 loss at the World Series. Their ballpark has been in Busch Stadium since 2006 after four changes since 1882. Their Mascot, a Red Cardinal named “Firebird” has been in office since the year 1900 and is supported by a group of eleven women, entertaining the fans during the game. A more unofficial mascot is “Buschie the Rally Squirrel,” a squirrel that ran over the field during a game and, in the belief of the Cardinals’ fans, helped their team to win.

The Final Game

Boston’s Shane Victorino started the scoring line of the Sox in the third inning with a three-run double, showing strong dominance on the field. MVP David Ortiz was walked by St. Louis four times and scored two times. The Cardinals could only threaten the Red Sox during the 7th inning with Carlos Beltran’s single with bases loaded with two outs. Koji Ohera came in, pitched a perfect ninth inning and struck out Mark Carpented, clinching the win to the Red Sox.

Even President Obama, although he is known as a fan of the Chicago White Sox, called the winning a “therapeutic medicine for the whole city,” according to the Huffington Post. The win occurred six months after the Boston Marathon bombing.