Second Annual Dodge Ball Tournament Benefits ‘Every Child Fed’

By Caitleen Copeland and Diana Tinta.

Braedon Urie embraces teammate Davy Wick after win.
Braedon Urie embraces teammate Davy Wick after win.
Photo by Ryan Thomas

A dodgeball tournament at Woodgrove High School this past Friday, March 7 raised close to $1,600 for the charity ‘Every Child Fed.’  The student- team known as the Harlem Globedodgers won the tournament.

Students enjoyed watching the competitive matches of the dodge ball tournament during Flex  and during an afternoon activity period.  Sophomore Jenna Marzougui loved the school creativity of the teams, as each team had a theme and dressed differently.

Marzougui said, “I really liked all the different costumes. They were really funny. It was great to get out of class and hang with my friends.”

Some players won more than just getting out of class. The Harlem Globedodgers, led by junior Davie Wick, beat all their opponents and received the championship medal after beating the Dodgefathers in the final match.

Wick said, “I felt honored to be captain of the winning squad. I felt like I was winning an Olympic Gold Medal.”

Some members of the winning team, including Wick and juniors Dillon Mellor and Jameson Copeland, also won the tournament last year. Last year’s team was known as the Average José’s.  Copeland plans to try and win the tournament as a senior also.

“Two words: Three-peat,” said Copeland when asked about his plans for next year’s tournament.

Copeland enjoys playing in front of everyone and is appreciative that the SCA organizes the event each year. Senior Claire Lewis was the tournament’s commissioner, and she believes that the event was a great success.

“We put a lot of work into the event, but when I saw everyone having so much fun, I knew it was all worth it,” said Lewis.

The tournament drew the attention of Woodgrove’s students and faculty members. Students paid a $1 entrance fee and each member of the 21 teams paid $5 to register. This accounted for the $1,600 donation to Every Child Fed, a charity which helps feed children in Africa.

Sophomore SCA member Ryan Thomas said, “Our goal for this was to raise money one last time for our charity and to boost spirit in the school. I know I can confidently say that this was a huge success and definitely left a good impression for next year’s tournament.”