Changing Colors with the Golf Seasons


photo by Jack Klimek

Red, orange, green, blue, a golfer’s wardrobe changes, too!

Power orange, sapphire blue, and lightning yellow aren’t the only colors that the casual golfer wears. Based on latest statistical analysis, golfing clothes in popular brands change their clothing colors based on the seasons of spring, summer, and fall.

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year; not too hot, and not too cold. All of the trees bloom during this part of the season and many colorful flowers start to grow. Without seeing the color green since the beginning of winter, the pigment tends to be appealing to the human eye. Golf stores understand this, so they tend to sell high amounts of green colored clothing. In a total of thirty golfers from Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club, 70% of those golfers find that they would rather wear green clothing in the spring.

Fall is the time of year where all the leaves turn into beautiful colors such as red, orange, and yellow. During this time of the year, golfers are more likely to wear red, orange, and yellow pants and jackets rather than shorts and polos.
Loudoun Valley High School golfer, Brandon Weaver, said, “If I had to choose between orange pants or khaki shorts, I would choose the orange pants because they are more seasonal and it’s much warmer.”

As summer begins and the weather gets hot, stores start to bring those white shorts and polo’s out onto the market. The colors pink, white, and blue are the most sold colors on golf apparel in the summer. According to statistics, the color white exceeds the total sales of both pink and blue combined because white reflects the heat and makes it much cooler. If one decides to wear black in the summer, the heat would overwhelm them because the color attracts the heat rather than reflects it. So as result, most stores tend to bring out a lot of white polo’s and shorts rather than black polo’s and shorts.

With every season comes a new color in a golfer’s wardrobe. The spring brings the forest green; the fall matches the leaves with red, orange, and yellow; and the summer joy brings happier shades of pink, white, and blue. A golfer’s wardrobe is as ever-changing as the seasons.