Jeff Hauver Rules the BMX World

Sports are a common interest of many members of the Woodgrove community, but BMX is not the average sport in Western Loudoun. In fact, most probably don’t even realize that the two-time BMX State Champion is Woodgrove senior Jeff Hauver.

Hauver began participating in BMX (bicycle motor cross) for Winchester BMX two years ago. Since then he has already won the 2013 and 2014 state championships and was runner up for the East Coast division in 2014.

According to Hauver, riders compete in thirty-five second long races around a quarter mile dirt track. These riders compete in two races to qualify for their main race of that competition. The competitions begin in spring and continue on until the national race in the fall.

The state championship is held at the track that gets the most new riders each year. The past championship was held at the Hampton track in Hampton, Virginia. The East Coast competition was held in Rockville, South Carolina, which is the newest track and will be the location of the World Series.

As runner up in the east coast district, Hauver was also a runner up to go to the national competition. Hauver’s success is the result of his time commitment to practicing each day.

“I practice three times a week; I also do sprints, and I weight lift. I usually practice a good two hours every day,” said Hauver.

Hauver continues to be interested in BMX because he likes that it is an individual sport so you do not have to rely on others to gain success. Hauver also finds BMX special because it is contrasting to typical high school sports.

According to Hauver, “BMX is different from other sports because it is mature, dangerous, and


Hauver enjoys sharing his love of the sport with novice level riders. In addition to practicing at Winchester BMX, Hauver also runs pre-race skills clinics there for ages ranging from three to thirteen.

“I like to teach people how to ride and to help out when I can,” said Hauver.

Winchester BMX is an affiliate of USABMX which has been operating since the 1980s. Winchester BMX assists in safety training riders of all ages, as well as host competitions.

BMX is a dangerous sport that commonly results in injuries, but Hauver himself has only gotten bumps, bruises, and scars. However, Hauver has witnessed other people being majorly injured.

“People break collar bones and ribs all the time. They’re some of the most common types of injuries,” said Hauver.

Hauver continues to practice hard to enable him to be even more victorious in future competitions. According to Hauver, he would like to continue BMX throughout his life and “go pro one day.”