Woodgrove Hosts Gymnastics Meet


Woodgrove hosted a gymnastics meet for the first time this season on Tuesday, December 16th , against multiple schools from our region.

In total, six teams attended including Loudoun Valley, John Champe, Rock Ridge, Freedom, Heritage, and of course, Woodgrove. And while most of the teams that attended had between six and 12 members, Woodgrove has just four.
Alisha Barnes, Lauren Conrad, Kaycee Delitta, and Sarah Snare make up the entire gymnastics team, and Coach Barnes leads the team, along with Assistant Coach Ahern, a new addition to Woodgrove’s staff as a Physics teacher.

With four areas the gymnasts have to perform in, having so few can be a disadvantage for a team, because each member will perform all-around, instead of specializing in one event, as many teams do. However, Woodgrove does not let that stop them.
Woodgrove started the night off with a bi, before heading to vault, which many of the gymnasts believe to be the most difficult of the events. Alisha Barnes was the first to compete in the event, and the entire night for Woodgrove. With judges, anxious parents, and teachers watching, each girl pulled off their vaults with a clean and safe execution.

After vault, the girls moved on to the uneven bars. They chalked up their hands and got ready for their second event of the night. With both coaches standing nearby for words of encouragement, and the other teammates behind cheering them on, they stayed focused on the bar, determined to have a precise routine.

Beam was the third event Woodgrove competed in, following another bi. The team once again checked in with the judges before taking their turn atop the beam.

The fourth and final event was floor, the longest of all the events. Each of the teammates had a specific routine best fit for their skill set, choreographed to their choice of music. Every girl stepped on to the mat individually and dazzled the judge with flips, jumps, and twirls, hoping to end the night with high scores. After the final girl finished her routine, the team gathered around, all smiles, and hugged and congratulated each other on their night.

The four waited anxiously as the other schools too finished up their last events. After a long night, the placements were announced. The rankings were as followed: Freedom, Valley, Heritage, Woodgrove, Champe, and finally, Rock Ridge High School. Woodgrove Sophomore Sarah Snare ranked second in vault out of all those who competed. This meet was filled with large teams with a long history of prime gymnastics teams, so Woodgrove, only having a team of four, did fairly well.
When asked how she felt about the meet, Alisha Barnes said, “I believe that we all gave it our everything, and even though we didn’t come out on top, we all learned and grew as a team.”

Woodgrove’s next meet is on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at Park View against Rock Ridge, Tuscarora, Freedom, Heritage, and of course, Park View.

Update: Since the Woodgrove meet, the team has had 3 others. At the Glory Days Invitational at Park View High School, Woodgrove came in first place all around, and Lauren Conrad placed 6th around and Kaycee Delitta placed 5th all around.