Woodgrove versus Loudoun County Basketball

Written by Conor Forrest

The Woodgrove Wolverines Men’s Varsity Basketball team continued its campaign through the playoffs with a resounding 59-40 win over in conference rivals Loudoun County High School, earning them a schools first Conference 4A Title.

The Woodgrove Wolverines earned themselves a home matchup against the well-coached and physical Raider squad, but with strong showing on defense and a solid performance on offense, the Woodgrove Men’s team took to Loudoun County. The Raiders entered the game with a 14-9 record, while Woodgrove had a one game lead at 15-8.

Senior Matt Gilson entered the game leading the team with 15.4 average points per game, while Jameson Copeland has 45 3-pointers on the year, leading the team from behind the arch.

Junior Carl Huber set the tone early, finishing with a strong game and putting up 13 points. However, it was Junior Prakash Ellis who stole the show. With 14 points, Ellis added to the total with 5 blocks, 5 steals, and 6 defensive rebounds.

Woodgrove continues its run in the playoffs Saturday, and the dreams of a state title are yet another game closer.