Eagles Football Player Attending Prom


Junior Hannah Delmonte is the envy of all football fan girls, by getting her dream prom with an Eagles football player.

Inspired by the many prom proposals on Twitter, Delmonte decided to ask NFL Player Emmanuel Acho, a Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, to this year’s prom.

“I saw all the guys doing the ‘if I get said number of retweets can I take your mom to prom,’ and I didn’t want to ask anyone’s mom to prom, so I decided to try and ask an NFL player. I saw how Acho interacted with fans on Twitter and I thought if I had a shot, he would be my best one,” said Delmonte.

It all started with a direct message to Acho on Instagram when Delmonte asked if she got 2,000 retweets on Twitter  he would take her to prom. Acho raised the stakes and said that if she got 10,000 within the next week he’d, be there. To Acho’s surprise, Delmonte got 10,000 retweets within hours.

Acho said, “I was definitely shocked when she got over 10k retweets, especially with how fast she did it, but it goes to show you the power of social media.”

Since Acho agreed to go to prom with Delmonte, they have been talking regularly. Delmonte feels that she is lucky to have asked someone so nice. She feels that prom will not be too awkward because they have talked enough for them both to be comfortable with the situation.

She said, “He’s an incredibly nice and understanding guy, and I think we’re both getting more comfortable with this.”

Delmonte still plans on going to prom with her friends but does recognize that those plans need to be first settled with Acho. Delmonte has informed him of the color of her prom dress  and Acho jokingly asked his followers for help on picking a tuxedo out.

“He did post a picture on Instagram asking his followers for help on picking one out and made a joke about getting a hot pink one, but I told him no,” said Delmonte in response to his post.

Delmonte has been a “die hard Eagles fan” since she was a little girl. She is not ashamed to say that her happiness on Mondays were based on if the Eagles won or lost the day before during the football season. Her mom and six uncles are all big fans of the Eagles since they are from south Jersey and made sure that Delmonte was an Eagles fan from the start.

“I think I really started to get attached in eighth grade, and every year I get even more obsessed. I am at the point where I could tell you virtually anything about the team’s past, present, and what could potentially happen in the future,” said Delmonte.

Being such a big Eagles fan, Delmonte feels very fortunate and excited for prom.

“I’m sure I’ll have to try my hardest not to cry or pass out from excitement, happiness, and anxiety,” said Delmonte.

Acho, even though caught off guard by Delmonte’s popularity, shares Delmonte’s excitement for prom.

“I’m excited, and schedule permitting I’ll definitely go. I’m sure it will be mildly awkward, but fun,” said Acho.

Principal Shipp and the county  have approved Acho coming to Woodgrove’s prom.

Acho surprised Delmonte at Woodgrove on February 20th. Delmonte thought she was meeting with the school board for them to approve the prom date, but instead Acho was waiting for to officially ask her to prom.

Delmonte said, “He asked me to prom with an Eagles jersey that said Prom 15 on it and he signed it.”

Delmonte was suprised with cameras and was crying from excitement.

“I was really surprised and I started crying. To meet him in person was incredible. He is a tremendous person and I got to see that when I met him.”

Not only did Delmonte get to see Acho at Woodgrove, but they also appeared on Fox 5 News in which Acho surprised Delmonte with a special piano performance.

“It was surreal being on television. He’s a really good piano player. I just wasnt expecting it,” said Delmonte.

Delmonte’s and Acho’s prom date has been getting a lot of publicity from other social media and television shows, and there are plans for Delmonte to have more media apperances.DelmonteProm