Winter Guard Wins First Place


Winter Guard Team photo provided by Cindy Rumsey.

The Woodgrove Winter Guard dominated the Scholastic Regional A2 class with a score of 75.22 during their second competition at South County High School, February 28, 2015.

The Color Guard received first place in class A2 and a promotion into Scholastic Regional class A1. Class A1 is for teams who show experience and a strong understanding of basic skills.

“The competition is going to be more difficult and we will have to work even harder to be able to place high like we have been,” said Sophomore Maddy Gingerich. “It takes a ton of practicing the same thing over and over to be together on every single subdivision of a count.”

Their show “Forget Me Not” will be performed in competition two more times, March 21 at Broad Run High School and March 28 at South County High School.