Senior Football Players Commit to Colleges

Senior Football Players Commit to Colleges

Spring is an exciting season for seniors, as they are hearing back from colleges for the Fall 2015 semester. Senior athletes find this time especially exciting, as they are beginning to commit to offers from colleges.


Uzoma Kpaduwa

Uzoma Kpaduwa is attending Virginia Military Institute for college. While Kpaduwa got deals from other schools such as Bryant, he chose VMI.

“The main reason why I chose VMI was because of its great engineering school and [their] good football team.”

Kpaduwa is ready to commit himself fully to the sport, during both the on and off season.

“The transition between high school and college football is mostly about how well you prepare in the off season.”


Tyler Cole

Tyler Cole will be attending University of Richmond in the fall. Cole had several offers from other colleges including Cornell, Georgetown, William & Mary, and St. Francis, but ended up choosing University of Richmond.

“I chose University of Richmond because of the business school and I liked the staff.

The biggest transition for Cole from high school to college football will be having to “put on enough weight to play.”


Isaiah Haynes

Isaiah Haynes will be attending Methodist University this fall in North Carolina. Haynes was offered to Bridgewater, Hampden-Sydney, Shenandoah, and Methodist University.

“[I chose Methodist because] I wanted to experience new things and do things on my own.”

Haynes is excited about making the switch to college ball, and is ready to become accustomed to the changes it will bring.

About his past four years on Woodgrove team, Haynes said, “It made me learn that hard work does pay off in the end.”


Dylan Mellor

Dylan Mellor will be attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire this fall. Among the many prestigious schools that sought Mellor out are Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, VMI, and University of Pennsylvania. However, his offer from Dartmouth was the one he was the one he felt was right.

“I chose Dartmouth because the campus is beautiful, the coach is amazing, and everyone I met there was very welcoming,” Mellor said.

Mellor said he will have to be a lot more accountable for himself, managing practice and class schedulings, but is excited to continue to pursue his love of the sport.

“Football has opened doors that I could not have opened myself. I built so many friendships and Coach Skinner will always be a guy I can count on.”


Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan will be attending Randolph-Macon this fall. While Sheehan will be headed to Randolph-Macon this fall, he received offers from Franklin and Marshall, Dickinson, Bridgewater, Kenyon, and Catholic University.

“I chose Randolph-Macon because I really like the coaches and the players on the team, and it has great academics and a beautiful campus,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan is preparing for his upcoming transition to college football, noting that the speed of the game will be faster, and the players will be bigger and stronger.

He will not soon forget these high school days of the game,however, saying he “made friendships that I will value for the rest of my life.”


Matt Whalen

Matt Whalen will be attending William and Mary this fall. Whalen was offered to play at VMI, University of Richmond, Lehigh, Davidson (NC), and Albany; however, went with his offer from William and Mary for the upcoming fall.

“I really liked the area down there, and I liked the coaches of the team,” said Whalen.

As Whalen continues to commit his time to football, he prepares himself for the renewed speed and intensity of the game.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better final season with this team,” Whalen said, when reflecting about the last four years here at Woodgrove.