Pro Sports Recap Week 1

Written by Ryan Forbes , Staff Writer, Woodgrove Outlander

Last week in sports, there were multiple MLB, NFL, and college football thrillers. During week one of the NFL, there were incredible games, terrible injuries, and a little last minute Romo magic. In the MLB, Madison Bumgarner of the Giants had a perfect game bid through the eighth inning, which was broken up by outfielder Melvin Upton, Jr. In college football, there were crazy upsets, big plays, and a few heroics by backup quarterbacks.

NFL Weekend Recap:  The biggest game of the week turned out to be the Giants vs. Cowboys, where quarterback Tony Romo drove down the field with no timeouts and 1:30 left on the clock without his top receiver, Dez Bryant. Romo threw it to tight end Jason Witten for the winning touchdown to defeat the Giants. They have the only win in the NFC East. Another big game of occurred when Tom Brady and the Patriots held out against the Steelers, 28-21. Rob Gronkowski had three touchdowns to start the year.

There were also some injuries in the league. Cardinals Running Back Andre Ellington went down with a knee injury against the Saints, and Middle Linebacker Luke Kuechly went down with a concussion, which is a huge loss for the Panthers. Speaking of huge losses, three of the top receivers left their games with injuries, T.Y. Hilton, Dez Bryant, and Desean Jackson.

There were also some huge rookie starts, including Quarterback Marcus Mariota, who had four TDs in his first game as a pro.

MLB Weekend Recap:   Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner had a fantastic start, giving up only one hit and shutting out the Padres, winning the game 8-0.  Locally, the Nationals lost their series to the Marlins 2-1.  The Nationals hope to pick up the slack and make a playoff run. Now to the west where there is a Texas showdown for first place in the American League West between the Rangers and the Astros.  Another big divisional rivalry is the Pirates versus the Cubs, with both hoping to catch up to the Cardinals. .

The battle for first place is heating up in the American League East where the Yankees are trying to catch up to the overpowered Toronto Blue Jays.

College Football Recap: With the new season underway, several amazing games have already occurred. In the most talked about play, Notre Dame won their game by a last minute Hail Mary to overcome University of Virginia. The pass was thrown by their backup Quarterback Deshone Kiser after their starter Malik Zaire went down with a fractured ankle in the third quarter. Missing Mariota, Oregon lost their first game of the season.  Last season, Oregon only lost two games during their entire season.  One team to talk about is Jacksonville State, who took Auburn to overtime almost pulling off the big upset on the Tigers. They were leading most of the game and then went into overtime where The Tigers just edged it out.  After a great week one in college football the top five rankings are now: #5 Baylor, #4 Michigan State, #3 TCU, #2 Alabama, and #1 Ohio State. That is it for college football this week one.