Interview with Mikie Kovich, New Varsity Quarterback

Interview with Mikie Kovich, New Varsity Quarterback

Written by Matthew Gusmerotti , Staff Writer, Woodgrove Outlander

Meet Mikie Kovich, Woodgrove’s new Varsity Quarterback.  Kovich, a junior, has big shoes to fill after former QB Billy Sheehan graduated last year and now plays at Randolph-Macon.  I interviewed Mikie and found him to be a humble player who credits his teammates with his success so far.

Q: Mikie, how does it feel to be in control of the offense all game? 

A: It’s very difficult, but I manage to find a way.

Q: How hard is it to keep your composure in crunch-time situations?

A: It actually doesn’t affect me, because I perform better under pressure.  So when you have no timeouts on the final drive of the game, I tend to act the same under pressure.

Q: Mikie, how do you balance school with football?

A: It is extremely tough, but I do my homework and projects as soon as I get them, so I manage to stay on top of my work.

Q: Most athletes have a “pre-game ritual” or what they do before a game.  What is your “pre-game ritual?”

A: I like to throw with Mason, (WR Mason Gryniuk) and also, right before I take the field, I blast music to get ready for the game.

Q: Since you said that you like to blast music, what kind do you listen to?

A: Rap music to get me hyped!

Q: What do you do to pick your teammates back up when they are down?

A: I try to never get down, but if I do, they just reassure me that I’m the man and that I got this.

Q:  Why is football important to you? 

A: After thinking for a while, Kovich answered, I like the teammate aspect of football, that one team as a whole has to come together and win.  Also, just the love of the game.