Powderpuff with a Purpose


Kirsten Hein

Woodgrove Seniors Adriana Erickson and Emmy Kloc

Written by Kirsten Hein, The Woodgrove Outlander

Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley High Schools, normally cross-town rivals, came together for a special cause on November 4th. The Woodgrove-Valley Powder Puff teams faced off for the second year in a row to raise almost $3,000 for a charity called “Friends of Loudoun Mental Health” after both schools lost students to suicide in 2014.

“The benefit part of the game started last year. After senior Ryan Bartel passed, a student, Grace Hayba asked me if we could donate money to a foundation. We chose Friends of Loudoun Mental Health,” said Guidance Secretary, Stephanie Butler, founder of the annual game.

Butler has been the Powder Puff coach since Woodgrove opened, carrying over a tradition she revived at Loudoun Valley High School in 1998.

Butler said, “The game is a great thing, it brings together two schools who are normally rivals for something great. Mental health issues are something people do not like to talk about.”

“Mental Health issues are a very touchy topic, but families, friends, and neighbors need to be aware of these issues,” said Butler.

Loudoun Valley took the win 56 to 0 this year. Senior Jeela Fesharaki said, “Even though we got crushed, we had a fun time playing!”

To donate to Friends of Loudoun Mental Health please go to loudounfriends.org and click make a gift.