NFL Recap


Written by Ryan Forbes

What a year! So many incredible things happened in the NFL this season. Records were broken and great plays were made. There were nail-biting games and emotions ran high. Star players rose and fell. This action was all in preparation for Super Bowl 50, which will be held on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

50 years ago, Coach Vince Lombardi held the trophy for the first time, and now it’s time to see who will rise again. The action starts with the Wild Card games. The match ups for those are listed below, along with the scores and stats for the rest of the season. (Weeks 5-17 are listed below.  Weeks 1-4 are in the archives in a previous article.)

Wild Card:

Texans vs. Chiefs 1/9 4:35 PM ET

Steelers vs. Bengals 1/9 8:15 PM ET

Seahawks vs. Vikings 1/10 1:05 PM ET

Packers vs. Redskins 1/10 4:40 PM ET

Week 5:

Colts 27-20 Texans: the 40 year old Quarterback Matt Hasselback prevails in second start over the Texans.

Bills 14-13 Titans: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor rushes for 76 yards and a touchdown in this win against the Titans.

Packers 24-10 Rams: Quarterback Rodgers throws for two touchdowns in  a win over the Rams.

Browns 33-30 Ravens: Quarterback McCown throws for 457 yards in overtime thriller over the Ravens.

Eagles 39-17 Saints: Running-Back Demarco Murray falls out of slump and rushes for 83 yards and a Touchdown.

Buccaneers 38-31 Jaguars: Doug Martin rushes for 123 yards and two touchdowns.

Falcons 25- 19 Redskins:  The Falcons Defense leads them to win in overtime against the Redskins.

Bengals 27-24 Seahawks: Running-Back, Thomas Rawls rushes for 169 yards and one touchdown and loses to the Bengals.

Bears 18- 17 Chiefs: Cutler leads Bears comeback over the Chiefs with two late touchdowns.

Cardinals 42-17 Lions: Palmer throws three Touchdowns as the Cardinals rout the Lions.

Broncos 16-10 Raiders:  The Broncos Defense leads them to another win over the Raiders.

Patriots 30-6 Cowboys: Edelman receives for 120 yards and a touchdown in a huge win over crippled Cowboys.

Giants 30-27 49ers: Eli Manning throws for 441 yards and three touchdowns in close win over the 49ers.

Steelers 24-20 Chargers: Bell leads Steelers to a late game touchdown against Chargers. He had 111 yards and a Touchdown.


Week 6:

Saints 31-21 Falcons: Watson’s 127 yards and touchdown lead the saints to knock off  the unbeaten Falcons.

Bengals 34-21 Bills: Dalton’s three touchdowns helps Bengals remain perfect over Bills.

Broncos 26-23 Browns: Sanders’ 75 yard touchdown reception helps the Broncos survive against Browns.

Lions 37-34 Bears: Stafford’s 405 yards and four touchdowns leads Lions to scrape past the Bears.

Texans 31-20 Jaguars: Hopkins’ 148 yards and two touchdowns leads the Texans to beat the Jaguars.

Vikings 16-10 Chiefs: Diggs’s 127 yards lads the Vikings past the Chiefs in a defensive battle.

Jets 34-20 Redskins: Ivory rushes for 146 Yards and a touchdown in high scoring game against the Redskins.

Steelers 25-13 Cardinals: Bryant’s two touchdowns leads the Steelers to upset the Cardinals.

Dolphins 38-10 Titans: Miller leads Dolphins to blowout win with 113 yards and a touchdown.

Panthers 27-23 Seahawks: Jonathan Stewart rushes for two touchdowns in a win over Seahawks.

Packers 27-20 Chargers: Rivers throws for 503 yards and two touchdowns but still loses to Packers.

49ers 25-20 Ravens: Kaepernick throws for two touchdowns to break a four- game losing streak.

Patriots 34-27 Colts: Blount rushes for 93 yards and a touchdown to win over Colts.

Eagles 27-7 Giants: Demarco Murray continues his comeback by rushing for 112 yards and a touchdown.


Week 7:

Seahawks 20-3 49ers: Marshawn Lynch rushes for 122 yards and a touchdown in rout over 49ers.

Jaguars 34-31 Bills: T.J. Yeldon rushes for 115 yards and a touchdown in win over Bills in London.

Saints 27-21 Colts: Khiry Robinson rushes in for two touchdowns as Saints edge out the Colts.

Vikings 28-19 Lions: Stefon Diggs had six receptions for 108 yards and a touchdown as Vikings beat the Lions.

Chiefs 23-13 Steelers: Charcandrick West rushes for 110 yards and a touchdown as Chiefs beat Steelers.

Dolphins 44-26 Texans: Ryan Tannehill throws for four touchdowns in huge win for Dolphins.

Patriots 30-23 Jets: Rob Gronkowski goes for 108 yards and a late touchdown to help the Patriots overcome deficit and beat the Jets.

Rams 24-6 Browns: Todd Gurley rushes for two touchdowns as the Rams dominate the Browns.

Falcons 10-7 Titans: Julio Jones had nine receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown as Falcons squeeze past Titans.

Redskins 31-30 Buccaneers: Cousins’ late third touchdown lifts the Redskins over the Buccaneers.

Raiders 37-29 Chargers: Carr throws three touchdowns to upset the Chargers.

Giants 27-20 Cowboys: Cassel throws three picks in first start for the Cowboys as they fall to the Giants.

Panthers 27-16 Eagles: Jonathan Stewart rushes for 125 yards in win against Eagles.

Cardinals 26-18 Ravens: Chris Johnson rushes for 122 yards and a touchdown in win against the Ravens.


Week 8:

Patriots 36-7 Dolphins: Brady threw four Touchdowns in as Patriots rout the Dolphins.

Chiefs 45-10 Lions: Charcandrick West rushes for 97 yards and a touchdown as the Chiefs beat the Lions in Wembley.

Buccaneers 23-20 Falcons: Julio Jones had 12 Receptions for 162 yards and a touchdown in loss to Buccaneers.

Ravens 29-26 Chargers: Justin Tucker goes five for five on field goals to beat the Chargers.

Saints 52-49 Giants: Brees threw for 505 Yards and seven touchdowns to tie the NFL record for most touchdowns in a game as Giants and Saints combine for the third most points in a game in NFL history.

Vikings 23-20 Bears: Peterson rushes for 103 yards in win over the Bears.

Cardinals 34-20 Browns: Palmer throws for four touchdowns in victory over Browns.

Texans 20-6 Titans: Hopkins has 8 receptions for 94 yards and a touchdown as Texans blow out the Titans.

Bengals 16-10 Steelers: A.J. Green goes for 118 yards and a touchdown as Bengals edge out the Steelers.

Rams 27-6 49ers: Todd Gurley rushes for 133 yards and a touchdown as Rams rout the 49ers.

Raiders 34-20 Jets: Carr threw for four touchdowns as the Raiders upset the Jets.

Seahawks 13-12 Cowboys: Seattle’s Defense holds Cowboys to 220 yards of total offense as they pull out the win against the Cowboys.

Broncos 29-10 Packers: C.J. Anderson’s 101 yards and touchdown leads Broncos to knock down the undefeated Packers.

Panthers 29-26 Colts: Andrew Luck’s 3 interceptions cause the Colts to fall to the Panthers in OT.


Week 9:

Bengals 31-10 Browns: Tyler Eifert’s three touchdowns leads the Bengals past the Browns in the Battle of Ohio.

Panthers 37-29 Packers: Panthers remain unbeaten by the help of Newton’s four touchdowns.

Titans 34-28 Saints: Mariota’s four touchdowns upsets the Saints in overtime.

Bills 33-17 Dolphins: Watkins 168 yards and touchdown helps him and Bills fall out of slump.

Vikings 21-18 Rams: Peterson’s 125 yards and touchdown leads the Vikings to scrape past the Rams.

Patriots 27-10 Redskins: Blount leads the Patriots to Blowout the Redskins with 125 yards and a touchdown.

Jets 28-23 Jaguars: Ivory’s two touchdowns helps Jets edge out Jaguars.

Steelers 38-35 Raiders: Brown and Williams combine for 454 yards and two touchdowns.

49ers 17-16 Falcons: Gabbert leads 49ers to beat Falcons in first start with two touchdowns.

Giants 32-18 Buccaneers: Josh Brown’s four field goals leads Giants past Buccaneers.

Colts 27-24 Broncos: Luck’s two touchdowns leads the Colts to knock off unbeaten Broncos.

Eagles 33-27 Cowboys: Cole Beasley’s 112 yards and two touchdowns can’t help the Cowboys beat the Eagles.

Bears 22-19 Chargers: Jeffery’s 151 yards leads the Bears to beat the Chargers.


Week 10:

Bills 22-17 Jets: Rex Ryan beats the Jets in his return to Metlife as LeSean McCoy rushes for 112 yards.

Jaguars 22-20 Ravens: Allen Hurns 62 yards and touchdown leads the Jaguars past the Ravens.

Lions 18-16 Packers: Stafford’s two touchdowns helps Lions top Packers in Lambeau.

Dolphins 20-19 Eagles: Tannehill’s two touchdowns helps Dolphins comeback against the Eagles.

Redskins 47-14 Saints: Cousins throws his career high four touchdowns in blowout against the Saints.

Steelers 30-9 Browns: Bryant’s 178 yards and touchdown helps rout the Browns.

Bears 37-13 Rams: Langford’s 182 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns helps Bears regain life in the NFC North.

Buccaneers 10-6 Cowboys: Mike Evans 126 yards leads the Buccaneers past the Cowboys in defensive battle.

Panthers 27-10 Titans: Jonathan Stewart’s 91 yards and touchdown helps the Panthers stay undefeated against the Titans.

Vikings 30-14 Raiders: Peterson runs all over Raiders finishing with 203 yards and a touchdown.

Chiefs 29-13 Broncos: Chacandrick West finished with 161 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns as Chiefs improve their winning streak to three games.

Patriots 27-26 Giants: Gronkowski’s five receptions for 113 yards and touchdown helps Patriots overcome Giants.

Cardinals 39-32 Seahawks: Palmer passes for 363 yards and three touchdowns helps Cardinals defeat the Seahawks in Seattle.

Texans 10-6 Bengals: Hopkins 57 yards and touchdown leads the Texans to hand Bengals their first loss.


Week 11:

Jaguars 19-13 Titans: Allen Robinson’s 113 yards leads Jaguars to beat Titans in low scoring game.

Colts 24-21 Falcons: D’Qwell Jackson’s six tackles one sack and one interception gave the Colts edge over Falcons.

Ravens 16-13 Rams: Crockett Gillmore’s 101 yards helped the Ravens shutdown the Rams.

Panthers 44-16 Redskins: Cam Newton tosses five tuchdowns as Panthers rout the Redskins.

Broncos 17-15 Bears: Hillman rushes for 102 yards as Bears fail late two point conversion to fall to the Broncos.

Lions 18-13 Raiders: Calvin Johnson’s 88 yards helps Lions overcome the Raiders.

Texans 24-17 Jets: Hopkins 118 yards and two touchdowns leads the Texans over Jets.

Cowboys 24-14 Dolphins: McFadden’s 129 yards leads the Cowboys over the Dolphins in Romo’s return.

Buccaneers 45-17 Eagles: Winston throws five touchdowns and Martin rushes for 235 yards as Buccaneers rout the Eagles.

Chiefs 33-3 Chargers: Spencer Ware’s 96 yards and two touchdowns helps lead Chiefs to four game winning streak.

Packers 30-13 Vikings: James Jones 109 Yards and touchdown leads the Packers in huge divisional win over Vikings.

Seahawks 29-13 49ers: Rawls rushes for 209 yards and a touchdown as 49ers fall to Seattle.

Cardinals 34-31 Bengals: Palmer tosses four Touchdowns as Cardinals edge out Bengals.

Patriots 20- 13 Bills: Amendola’s 117 yards leads the Patriots to 10-0 over Rex Ryan’s Bills.


Week 12:

Lions 45-14 Eagles: Calvin Johnson’s three touchdowns leads the Lions for third win on Thanksgiving Day in row.

Panthers 33-14 Cowboys: Luke Kuechly’s two interceptions and touchdown lead Panthers to first ever Thanksgiving Day win.

Bears 17-13 Packers: Bears upset Packers at Lambeau. Their defense leads them to first win on Thanksgiving Day since 1993.

Texans 24-6 Saints: Texans Defense shutdown Saints as they continue their playoff hunt.

Vikings 20-10 Falcons: Peterson rushes for 158 yards and two touchdowns as Falcon slip into four game losing streak.

Bengals 31-7 Rams: Nick Foles three interceptions helps Bengals rout Rams.

Colts 25-12 Buccaneers: Hasselback passes for 315 yards and two touchdowns leads the Colts over the Buccaneers.

Chargers 31-25 Jaguars: Rivers tosses four touchdowns in win over Jaguars.

Chiefs 30-22 Bills: Watkins 158 yards and two touchdowns isn’t enough to hold Chiefs off of getting fifth straight win.

Jets 38-20 Dolphins: Ryan Fitzpatrick throws four Touchdowns in rout over the Dolphins.

Raiders 24-21 Titans: Derek Carr’s late touchdown gives Raiders win over Titans.

Redskins 20-14 Giants: Eli Manning throws three interceptions in loss to Redskins.

Cardinals 19-13 49ers: John Brown’s 99 yards helps Cardinals divisional win over 49ers.

Seahawks 39-30 Steelers: Baldwin’s 145 yards and three touchdowns help lead Seahawks past Steelers in high scoring affair.

Broncos 30-24 Patriots: C.J. Anderson’s 113 yards and two touchdowns leads the Broncos past undefeated Patriots.

Ravens 33-27 Browns: Ravens block late field goal and return it for win over Browns.


Week 13:

Packers 27-23 Lions: Aaron Rodgers throws Hail Mary to Richard Rogers for win in Detroit.

Bills 30-21 Texans: Watkins 109 yards and touchdown leads Bills over Texans.

49ers 26-20 Bears: Blaine Gabbert’s 75 rushing yards and touchdown leads 49ers past Bears in overtime.

Bengals 37-3 Browns: Green’s 128 yards and touchdown leads bengals to blowout win against Browns.

Dolphins 15-13 Ravens: Dolphins score two touchdowns within 20 seconds to hold out Ravens.

Seahawks 38-7 Vikings: Rawls rushes for 101 yards and one touchdown in rout over Vikings.

Jets 23-20 Giants: Fitzpatrick passes for 390 yards and two touchdowns leads Jets over Giants in MetLife Bowl.

Cardinals 27-3 Rams: Palmer passes for 356 yards and two touchdowns as Cardinals fly past Rams.

Buccaneers 23-19 Falcons: Martin’s 95 yards and touchdown helps Buccaneers edge out Falcons.

Titans 42-39 Jaguars: Mariota gets four touchdowns including 87 yard rushing Touchdown (longest ever by a Quarterback) helped Titans end 11 home game losing streak.

Chiefs 34-20 Raiders: Maclin’s two touchdowns helps Chiefs get to six game winning streak.

Broncos 17-3 Chargers: David Burton Jr. Gets 10 tackles as Broncos win defensive battle with Chargers.

Eagles 35-28 Patriots: Eagles defense help them shock the Patriots.

Panthers 41-38 Saints: Newton tosses five touchdowns as Panthers barely hold off Saints.

Steelers 45-10 Colts: Brown snags two touchdowns as the Steelers rout Colts.

Cowboys 19-16 Redskins: Dan Bailey goes four for four on field goals as Cowboys upset Redskins.


Week 14:

Cardinals 23-20 Vikings: Dwight Freeney forces a Bridgewater fumble to win the game.

Eagles 23-20 Bills: Bills fall as LeSean McCoy’s homecoming didn’t go the way he wanted it to.

Panthers 38-0 Falcons: Ted Ginn Jr. Snags two touchdowns as Panthers rout Falcons to clinch a first round bye.

Redskins 24-21 Bears: Reed’s 120 yards and touchdown leads Redskins to first road win.

Saints 24-17 Buccaneers: Tim Hightower leads Saints to end four game losing streak with 85 yards and a touchdown.

Steelers 33-20 Bengals: Williams two touchdowns leads Steelers over the Bengals who lose Andy Dalton.

Browns 24-10 49ers: Isaiah Crowell rushes for 145 yards and two touchdowns as Manziel gets first win as starter this year.

Jaguars 51-16 Colts: Bortles gets four total touchdowns as Jaguars rout Colts.

Chiefs 10-3 Chargers: Chiefs defense helps improve themselves to an seven game winning streak.

Jets 30-8 Titans: Marshall’s 125 yards and touchdown lifts Jets over Titans.

Rams 21-14 Lions: Gurley leads Rams over Lions with 140 yards and two touchdowns.

Seahawks 35-6 Ravens: Wilson’s five touchdowns leads Seahawks over the Ravens.

Raiders 15-12 Broncos: Khalil Mack gets five sacks as Raiders upset the Broncos in defensive. war.

Packers 28-7 Cowboys: Eddie Lacy slips out of slump finishing with 124 yards and a touchdown as Packers beat the Cowboys.

Patriots 27-6 Texans: Gronkowski helps Patriots clinch playoff spot with a touchdown in his return.

Giants 31-24 Dolphins: Odell does it again scoring two touchdowns on two amazing plays as giants edge out Dolphins.


Week 15:

Rams 31-23 Buccaneers: Keenum’s two touchdowns leads the Rams to victory over Buccaneers.

Jets 19-16 Cowboys: Kellen Moore’s three interceptions helps Jets top Cowboys.

Chiefs 34-14 Ravens: West’s touchdown leads the Chiefs to eighth straight win.

Texans 16-10 Colts: Alfred Blue rushes for 107 yards in Texans important win over Colts.

Falcons 23-17 Jaguars: Julio Jones 118 yards and Touchdown helps Falcons end 6 game losing streak.

Vikings 38-17 Bears: Bridgewater tosses four touchdowns and rushes in for one in victory over Bears.

Patriots 33-16 Titans: Patriots force three turnovers against Titans to clinch a first round bye.

Panthers 38-35 Giants: Newton’s five touchdowns holds off Giants despite fourth quarter comeback. Odell suspended for one game for dirty hits on Josh Norman.

Redskins 35-25 Bills: Cousins four touchdowns leads Redskins to win over Bills.

Packers 30-20 Raiders: Packers clinch playoff spot despite Cooper’s two touchdowns.

Seahawks 30-13 Browns: Baldwin snags two touchdowns as Seattle routs Cleveland.

Steelers 34-27 Broncos: Brown has another huge game finishing with 189 yards and two touchdowns as Steelers score 21 unanswered points in second half.

Chargers 30-14 Dolphins: Woodhead scores four touchdowns in what could be the final game in San Diego.

Bengals 24-14 49ers: Bengals win to clinch fifth straight playoff berth McCarron becomes first Alabama Quarterback to win in the NFL since 1987.

Cardinals 40-17 Eagles: David Johnson rushes for 187 yards and three Touchdowns as Cardinals blowout Eagles.


Week 16:

Raiders 23-20 Chargers: Raiders win in overtime in Charles Woodson’s last game in Oakland and possibly the Raiders last game in Oakland.

Redskins 38-24 Eagles: Captain Kirk Cousins tosses four touchdowns in win over Philadelphia to clinch the division.

Falcons 20-13 Panthers: Undefeated no more as Julio Jones snags 178 yards and a touchdown to upset the undefeated Panthers.

Bills 16-6 Cowboys: Mike Gillislee rushes for 93 yards and a touchdown to defeat the Cowboys.

Lions 32-17 49ers: Johnson snags touchdown in win over the 49ers.

Chiefs 17-13 Browns: Manziel’s 108 rushing yards goes for nothing as the Chiefs hold off Browns for ninth straight victory.

Colts 18-12 Dolphins: Gore’s two touchdowns leads the Colts to victory over the Dolphins.

Jets 26-20 Patriots: Marshall snags two touchdowns as Patriots decide to kickoff in overtime to give the Jets a bigger chance of making playoffs.

Bears 26-21 Buccaneers: Carey carries the Bears over Buccaneers with two touchdowns.

Texans 34-6 Titans: Hopkins 117 yards and touchdown puts Texans in driver seat to win AFC South.

Ravens 20-17 Steelers: Ryan Mallet and Ravens upset Steelers and crush their chances of making playoffs.

Saints 38-27 Jaguars: Tim Hightower rushes for two Touchdowns as Saints dominate Jaguars.

Cardinals 38-8 Packers: Cardinals get to Rodgers eight times to lift them over Packers.

Rams 23-17 Seahawks: Gurley leads Rams to first win in Seattle since 2004 with 87 yards and a Touchdown.

Vikings 49-17 Giants: Jerick McKinnon two touchdowns leads Vikings to clinch playoffs over Giants.

Broncos 20-17 Bengals: Despite late field goal miss by Denver they clinch their playoff ticket with overtime winner.


Week 17:

Saints 20-17 Falcons: Saints block field goal to give them win in what could be Brees’ last game as a Saint.

Bills 22-17 Jets: Rex Ryan gets his revenge as he spoils the Jets playoff hopes yet again this year.

Lions 24-20 Bears: Johnson, Jr., could have caught his last touchdown as a Lion or of his career.

Bengals 24-16 Ravens: McCarron led the Bengals to the third seed spot in the playoffs.

Steelers 28-12 Browns: Brown leads the Steelers to the playoffs with a Jets loss. Brown had 187 yards and a touchdown.

Redskins 34-23 Cowboys: Cousins tosses three touchdowns as they beat Cowboys.

Texans 30-6 Jaguars: Texans defense holds strong as they clinch the division for the first time  since 2012.

Colts 30-24 Titans: With the Texans win, the Colts’ playoff hopes are destroyed.

Dolphins 20-10 Patriots: Patriots lose first seed with loss and drop down to second.

Eagles 35-30 Giants: Demarco Murray’s 54 yard rushing touchdown helps eagles over Giants.

Panthers 38-10 Buccaneers: Panthers bounce back from loss and finish with a franchise best record of 15-1 and clinch first seed.

Chiefs 23-17 Raiders: Chiefs safety helps them in win over Raiders to end the year on a ten game winning streak. Charles Woodson says goodbye to the game for good.

Seahawks 36-6 Cardinals: Seattle ends season on a good note, dominating the second seed Cardinals.

Broncos 27-20 Chargers: Manning rescues game to give Denver first round bye.

49ers 19-16 Rams: Two late field goals for the 49ers give them win over Rams in overtime.

Vikings 20-13 Packers: Peterson leads the Vikings to win over Packers to clinch the Division and third seed.