Start of MLB Season


The MLB season is starting on Sunday, April 3, and is predicted to be one of the best seasons in recent years. The Kansas City Royals, coming off of a World Series win against the New York Mets last year, hope to repeat greatness by winning it all again. Other teams have traded or signed key players in the hope of gaining the title for themselves.

Many teams have signed major players to fit into their organization. For example, the New York Yankees signed free agent Aroldis Chapman over the offseason. Chapman, after getting into trouble recently, will be suspended for the first 30 games for domestic violence, but should still make a huge impact, throwing over 100 mph almost every outing with the Reds last season. The Arizona Diamondbacks inked a couple new players this season, signing Zack Greinke to a six year, $206 million contract and also acquiring number one prospect, shortstop Dansby Swanson. The Chicago Cubs made a run at the championship last year, making it to the National League Championship Series, or NLCS. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, but now they have many players that could lead them to it, including rising stars Kris Bryant, Jake Arietta, Jorge Soler, and Anthony Rizzo.

The MLB is changing, but in a good way, big players are getting bigger deals/contracts, and positions. Players David Price, Jason Heyward, and Chris Davis all signed huge deals in the offseason. Davis signing a seven year, $171 million deal. Heyward an eight year, $184 million deal, and Price, a seven year, $217 million deal.

Baseball is also in the midst of a social media wave, where players take over Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis. In most cases players, will take over their team’s accounts for the day and tweet, or post about what they in their regular day.