Woodgrove Varsity Boys Lacrosse Faces Off Against Valley


Written by Jennifer Glazebrook

Woodgrove Varsity boys lacrosse came out with the 12-4 win against cross-town rival Loudoun Valley Thursday night. The boys came out strong with sophomore Noah Balaban winning the face off against his valley cousin, Josh Huerbin.

“It was cool winning the face off again Josh,” says Noah. “It was his last regular season game since he’s a senior, and he’s always beaten me, so it was cool to get it against him a couple times throughout the game.”

The half ended with the score at 9-2 with Woodgrove in the lead. Yellow flags were thrown against Woodgrove often throughout the second half of the game, but the team kept their composure and continued to the play to the best of their ability, even when they were down a player.

The game ended with a score of 12-4. This is the first time Woodgrove boys lacrosse has beat Loudoun Valley since 2013.