Woodgrove vs. Loudoun Valley Powderpuff Game

Woodgrove vs. Loudoun Valley Powderpuff Game

Written by Jennifer Glazebrook

Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley girls will once again face-off in the annual Mental Health Awareness Powderpuff football game at Woodgrove High School on Thursday, November 3 at 7:00.

This is the third annual Woodgrove vs. Valley Powder Puff game that has been dedicated to supporting the Friends of Loudoun Mental Health organization. For Woodgrove, only senior girls who won Woodgrove’s homecoming powderpuff football game are playing, while Valley’s team includes both juniors and seniors.

Although the schools are cross-town rivals, they join together for this event because both schools have lost students to suicide in recent years.

“After playing as a junior last year, it’s great to finally get the privilege of playing our crosstown rival, Loudoun Valley. Not only do we girls get the chance to play flag football again, we get to support a cause that deserves recognition,” said senior Kaleigh Owen.

The general admission fee for the game is $5, and additional donations will also be accepted. Mrs. Stephanie Butler, the organizer of the event, has the aim of bringing students and the community together to focus on the important subject of mental health issues in Loudoun County.

Senior Rachel Judd said, “It’s a great feeling because the community is coming together to support a cause. Even though we are rival schools, we are coming together to play for a cause of a tragedy we have both experienced.”

Woodgrove’s team was interviewed by the NBC’s Channel 4, and the segment will be aired on tonight’s news broadcast. According to Mrs. Butler, the reporters wanted to specifically focus on the Woodgrove team because of the school’s dedication to suicide prevention and mental health awareness activities throughout the year, including the “Will to Survive” rock opera, the powderpuff game, and the up-coming Color Run 5K to be held on Saturday.