World Series Outcome


Written by Matt Gusmerotti

The Cubs have won the World Series!  Yes, you heard that right, the Cubs have won the World Series.  After a 108-year drought, the Cubs edged out the Indians in seven games and are now considered World Champions. President of Cubs’ Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, has ended two curses now, for two different organizations, the Red Sox and Cubs.  Not only will Epstein be a legend in Chicago, he will be loved by the MLB forever.  He told Cubs fans he had a plan and to be patient, a couple of years later, the Cubs are champions.

Game one was a shutout, which led to the Indians having an early lead in the series.  Jose Ramirez started off the game with a RBI single and then Brandon Guyer got on base with a RBI hit-by-pitch.  In the bottom of the fourth, Roberto Perez set the tone on how the game was going to end up, by smashing a homerun to left field to make the lead 3-0.  Perez again made a statement by hitting a homerun again in the bottom of the eighth, hit a three run bomb into left center field again.  Corey Kluber pitched a gem for his team, going six innings and allowing four hits on nine strikeouts.  Cleveland takes a 1-0 series lead.

Game two was a much better game from the Cubs perspective, as Jake Arrieta took the mound, hoping to bring the W back for his team. Arrieta succeeded, by going 5.2 innings and giving up two hits, one run, and three walks, and by striking out six.  In the top of the first, Anthony Rizzo hit an RBI double to make it 1-0, then in the top of the third, Kyle Schwarber hit a RBI groundout.  Ben Zobrist made it 3-0 in the top of the fifth by hitting a RBI triple, Schwarber hit another RBI groundout, then finally Addison Russell had an RBI walk, making it 5-0.  In the bottom of the sixth, Mike Napoli scored off of a wild pitch and cut into the lead, but it wasn’t enough to win.  Cubs win 5-1 and tie up the series.

Game three was the definition of a nail biter.  Mike Tomlin took the mound for the Indians and Kyle Hendricks was on for the Cubs.  Although this game was really close, no pitchers for each team really stood out as it was just a non-pitcher game and a non-hitter game.  Tomlin went 4.2 innings giving up two hits and a walk and struck out one.  Hendricks went 4.1 innings and gave up six hits and two walks on six strikeouts.  The only run of this game came in the bottom of the seventh, when Coco Crisp hit a RBI single and secured the game for his team.  Indians take a 2-1 series lead.

Heading into game four, there was a surprising dialogue being set up, where the Indians said that Corey Kluber, the starter in game one, was going to start game four for his team.  Kluber went six innings, gave up one run, five hits, and one walk and struck out six.  The trojan horse John Lackey was on the mound and went five innings, gave up four hits, three runs, one walk, and struck out five.  The exclamation point of this game was when Jason Kipnis hit a three run homerun in the seventh.  Indians win 7-2 and take a 3-1 series lead.

Game five was close.  Jon Lester took the mound for the Cubbies and went six innings, gave up four hits, two runs, and struck out five.  Lester came out and was basically the deciding factor in this game, securing his team’s defense.  Jose Ramirez took the lead for the Indians by hitting a solo shot in the second inning.  The Cubs let it open in the fourth, when Kris Bryant hit a solo shot, Addison Russell hit a RBI single, and David Ross hit a SAC fly.  In the sixth, Francisco Lindor hit a RBI single to cut into the Cubs’ lead, but it wasn’t enough.  Cubs win their elimination game by a score of 3-2 and Cleveland still has the series lead 3-2.

What a game from SS Addison Russell, as he had a six RBI night, in the Cubs’ second elimination game.  Jake Arrieta took the mound in game six, and pitched an amazing game, going 5.2 innings and giving up three hits, two runs, three walks, and nine strikeouts.  The Cubs needed a good game from their starter and they got one.  Kris Bryant led off the game by hitting a two run homerun and then Russell comes up later in the inning and hits a RBI double, making it 3-0 Cubs, in just the first inning.  When Russell came up in the fourth he hit a grand slam to make it 7-0 Cubs and they were only in the fourth.  At that moment, the series had been shifted and it was in the Cubs’ favor. Chicago win game six, by a score of 9-3 and force a game seven.

Game seven, winner take all.  It’s been a combined 174 years since either team have won the World Series.  Kluber vs. Hendricks.  This game was Kluber’s third start in the series and Hendricks’s second.  Hendricks went 4.2 innings and gave up four hits, two runs, one walk and struck out two.  Kluber went 4 innings, gave up six hits and four runs.  Dexter Fowler led off the game by hitting a solo shot.  In the bottom of the third Carlos Santana hit a RBI single to tie things up, in the top of the fourth, Russell hit a SAC fly to extend the lead, then Willson Contreras hit a RBI double to make it 3-1 Chicago.

In the top of the fifth, Javier Baez hit a solo homerun to right center to make it 4-1, and then Bryzzo, the shipped name of Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, connected again, when Anthony Rizzo hit a RBI single to score Kris Bryant.  While Jon Lester came in for three innings of relief, he threw a wild pitch that bounced off of C David Ross’ mask, which scored two runners.  Indians make it 5-3, but Cubs still lead.  Ross then made up for it when he went deep to dead center to make it 6-3.  In the eighth was when everything changed, Brandon Guyer hit a RBI double to make it 6-4, then it happened, of all people, Rajai Davis hit a game-tying two run homerun to left field that almost went foul!

Tied going into the ninth.  While switching innings to the tenth, there was a rain delay which was bad for the Indians, because their pitchers weren’t able to stay hot and ready to pitch when it ended.  Ben Zobrist hit a RBI double and Miguel Montero hit a RBI single in the top of the tenth to give the Cubs the lead.  Rajai Davis again, in the tenth hit a RBI single, but the Cubs end up winning in extra innings!  Now if you’re wondering who won the series MVP, Ben Zobrist.  He hit .357 in the series with no homeruns, but the reason he was crowned is because of his tenth inning heroics in game seven.