Ben Castellano Reels In Offers From Eighteen Colleges

Woodgrove’s star wide receiver, junior Ben Castellano, has reeled in offers from eighteen different college football recruiters, including offers from six Ivy League schools, West Point, and the Naval Academy.  

Castellano’s offers started to pile up about two months ago when he received his first offer from Central Michigan. Since then, seventeen more scholarship offers have rolled in from Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Yale, the Naval Academy, Kent State, Syracuse, Marshall, Indiana, West Point, Georgia State, Temple, Cincinnati University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Richmond, and Dartmouth.

Currently leaning towards Indiana University, Castellano will continue his search for the right school over the next few months and has plans to visit several more campuses.  “It has been a pleasure to get to visit the schools I have so far, and I look forward to visiting more colleges as well,” says Castellano.

Varsity coach Michael Skinner explains that during the recruitment process, college recruiters contact Ben and watch his film. If possible, they also come to Woodgrove to meet with Castellano in person. The coaching staff at each university decides whether they are going to give an offer to Castellano if they are in need of a TE/WR position, and then they make a verbal offer. The second Saturday in December of 2018 is the day when Castellano can formally commit to a specific university.

“I wasn’t sure where these offers would come from, but I knew Ben would most definitely receive some,” said Woodgrove’s varsity head coach Skinner.

With nine years of football experience under his belt, Castellano has received many awards, including the First-Team Regional award, First Team All-Loco, All Met, Team MVP, DMV’S Best TE award, and fourteen Player of the Week awards.

“Ben does what everyone else does; he works hard and gets good grades. But, the difference with Ben is that he’s six four and also runs very well,” says Coach Skinner.

Castellano is realistic enough to know that it’s a long road with very slim odds to become a professional football player.  While he hopes to achieve that one day, his focus remains on getting an education. This is also the main focus of his father,  Mike Castellano.

Mike, Ben’s dad, says, “I will leave the choice up to Ben but will give him all the information he needs to make the right decision.  I want Ben to get a good education but enjoy college as well. If all goes well, then hopefully, he may play in the pros.”

Freshman Riley Castellano, Ben’s sister, has seen Ben strive to be the best athlete he can be and has seen him put in a tremendous amount of work through the years.  Riley is always on the sidelines supporting him along the way and looks forward to his success. She says, “I want Ben to try and work up to the pros and get famous, so then I can become famous as well.”