Winter Sports Athletes COVID Season

Written by Gianna Costanzo

Woodgrove High School student athletes had a crazy winter sports season due to the coronavirus. Freshman Rylee Evans, junior Ryan Yriart, and senior Amber Dubey describe their winter sports season.

Freshman gymnast Rylee Evans’ season went better than she expected. Evans conquered her new vault, a pike tsuk. This is something she is proud of, considering she fractured her wrist doing the same skill half a year ago. The regional competition was Evans favorite memory of the season. “At that meet, we cheered louder than before, performed like no tomorrow, and had the best time doing what we love as a team.” There was no difficulty in learning high school gymnastics rules for Evans. The Woodgrove High School gymnastics coach has been Evans’ club coach for years. However, being a freshman was overwhelming in different ways. “I never wanted to let my team down, especially by the end of the season when I started having ankle and shin problems,” says Evans. “Although this season was a roller coaster ride, we as a team kept breaking our own records, and had fun doing it!” 

The Woodgrove Gymnastics team

Junior wrestler Ryan Yriart’s wrestling season was much different than his previous seasons. Due to COVID, Woodgrove High School’s wrestling team was only allowed to wrestle schools in the 5a region. Tournaments weren’t allowed, only duals. The team wore masks during practice and had an assigned group of people they were allowed to wrestle. This season, Woodgrove wrestling went undefeated with a 21-0 record. They won the district and regional duals, and the region individual tournament. “Before COVID hit, I was excited that we were going to have all summer to compete in preseason and get a lot better before the actual season started,” Yriart says. Unfortunately, once COVID hit, they could no longer have preseason competitions or prepare for the season. Although the season was shortened and complicated, Yriart states, “We had so many accomplishments this year as a team and as individuals.”

The Woodgrove Wrestling team

Senior basketball player Amber Dubey learned many life lessons from her coach this year. One she frequently reminds herself of is, “We can only control what we do, so only worry about what we can control.” Throughout the years, Dubey has also learned about hard work, determination, and patience. A piece of advice Amber Dubey would like to share with underclassmen is, “There will always be ups and downs. It would be too easy if it was just given to you. Hard work is earned. Make goals, push yourself to want to achieve. Don’t force yourself, you have to want it, follow your instinct.”

The Woodgrove Girls Basketball team

Woodgrove athletes had a different experience due to the coronavirus, but they ultimately pushed through and had an amazing season.