Fall Players to Watch

Written by Anna Lockhart, Kayla Norsworthy, and Rachel Schneeberg

After a successful run for winter sports, fall sports are ready to get their heads back in the game. But there’s a twist, fall sports will be held during the springtime. Seasons are scheduled to begin early March and carry through April. Twelve players, two from each sport, were nominated by teammates for their determination and leadership. Both athletes were put into a Twitter poll and the winners are located below: 

Photo Provided by Hunter Pavolic 

Hunter Pavolic- Junior 

“I can’t wait for this upcoming season, and it will be interesting to see how COVID-19 will impact us and our team.”



Photo Provided by Katie Flaherty 

Katie Flaherty – Junior 

“Even though this year is a lot different, I’m still happy to be around my teammates and coaches. I wouldn’t trade our bond for the world. They constantly push me to be a better athlete!”


Photo Provided by Mia Cammarota 

Mia Cammarota – Senior

“Coming into my senior year with COVID-19, I wasn’t sure how to feel about my sports career at Woodgrove ending this way, but it’s been really fun. I love my teammates, and things almost feel normal.”


Photo Provided by Michael Thomas 

Michael Thomas – Senior

“I’m excited about this season as it will be my final of four seasons here at Woodgrove. We have a great, young group of guys who are putting in the work and are consistently getting better. We have improved a ton from last season, and I can’t wait to see what we do as a team this year as we prepare for the regional tournament. There is a lot of raw talent on this team and with the help of the coach throughout the next month, I believe we can reach our goals.”


Photo Provided by Katie Culp

Katie Culp – Senior

“Even though COVID has shortened our season, I am still very thankful to be able to play volleyball my senior year with some of my best friends!”


Photo provided by Hannah Rayburn

Hannah Rayburn – Junior

“Even though this season is different from the past two years I’ve been running due to the restrictions caused by Covid, I’m excited to go into this season and challenge myself to keep pushing and get back to the place I was at towards the end of last year’s season. I’m happy that there is a season in the first place, even with the changes taking place and even though I’m not in great shape because it gives me a chance to see my teammates and get out of the house to get some exercise.”


Photo provided by Mason Roberts 

Mason Roberts – Junior

“This upcoming season is looking very promising for our team due to all the new talent that’s come in. We have multiple very capable freshmen and sophomores that are keeping up with our upperclassmen, and it’ll be a season to watch for sure.”