Spring Players to Watch

Written by Anna Lockhart and Kayla Norsworthy

As this unpredictable school year comes to an end, the Wolverines are excited to be back outside playing spring sports again. Via a Twitter poll, each team nominated two players they believe are most promising this season. 

Baseball: Nathan Favereaux

“This season means a lot to us because we didn’t get to play at all last year due to Covid, so we’re excited to be back on the field.”

(Photo provided by Nathan Faveraux)


Softball: Jamiee Hardy“This season has already been so different from the years prior, but we’ve all been working really hard, and I’m excited to see what we can do this year!”

(Photo provided by Jaime Hardy)


Lacrosse: Matt Balaban

“We have a young and talented team this year with an amazing coach. We’re getting better every day.”

(Photo provided by Matt Balaban)


Girls Lacrosse: Delaney Bandy “I’m super excited for this season because the team gets along really well and we’re all just happy to be back out on the field.”

(Photo provided by Delaney Bandy)

Girls Track: Jorja Rich

“Despite the late start to the season, I am excited to be out competing again.”

(Photo provided by Jorja Rich)


Boys Track: Sean Rockett“The team is a close group of people, and we all get along and have fun.”

Girls Soccer: Reagan Boyer

“We have an all new Varsity team this year, so I’m most excited for the 18 new best friends I’m making.”


Boys Soccer: Kellen Jones“I think we are all passionate that we want to win and inspired to break the record of not winning a playoff in Woodgrove history.”

(Photo taken by Natalie Peed)


Girls Tennis: Maya Lombardo

“I’m so thankful for the last three years on the team and can’t wait for my senior season.”

(Photo provided by Maya Lombardo)

Boys Tennis: Ty Lombardo

“We’ve got a good group of young players this year and I’m looking forward to improving my tennis as well as helping the rest of the team improve throughout the season.”

(Photo provided by Ty Lombardo)