DECA Spotlight

DECA Logo from the WHS website.

DECA Logo from the WHS website.

Congratulations to Woodgrove’s DECA club for their performance in the state competition! Officers and members reflect on DECA and how it has affected their lives.


Business and Marketing teacher Mrs. Kristie Keeler is a DECA sponsor. “DECA stands for the Distributive Education Clubs of America, but they don’t use that anymore. It’s basically an association of marketing students.” According to Mrs. Keeler, the only reason they still call it DECA is because it would be confusing to change the logo. 


In order to join DECA, you have to be enrolled in a business or marketing class. It’s a co-curricular club, which means what DECA members do is mirrored in their classes. 


Junior Nathaniel Sonak registered for a business class as a freshman and was taught about DECA early in the year. He thought it sounded interesting and is now the treasurer of the club and headed to the state competition this year. “We have our competition, but then we get the rest of the time to do whatever we want. It only takes maybe three or four hours of our time on Saturday, so we get the rest of the day to have fun. We go out to lunch together… it’s a fun experience,” says Sonak.


There are a few different paths students can take within DECA: the competition route or the social side. Competitions can be presenting a community service project, role-playing customer service scenarios, and other related activities. On the social side, students can network and decide what activities and community service projects interest them. As an officer, Sonak does both.


Sonak plans on majoring in finance in college. DECA has prepared him to succeed in this endeavor. “[DECA] is a great way to prepare and helps not just with developing business skills, but also with interview processes.”


This year, DECA has 85 members. If business and marketing is something you see yourself doing in the future, DECA and its state-level team is the perfect club for you.