The Woodgrove Outlander

Texas residents lined up outside a grocery store the day before the winter storm began.
Photo provided by Creative Commons.

Weather Crisis Takes the Nation by Storm

Written by Mia Cammarota, Emma Tetreault, and Robbie Showers May 14, 2021

The past year has outdone itself with several disasters. After scientists warned the public for decades about the threatening climate crisis, it only took a few recent devastations for the nation to finally...

California Fires Wreak Havoc on the Environment

Written by Logan Johnson, Lainey Lynch, and Gretchen Nagle November 5, 2020

Scientists have been warning the public for years about the possible devastation of global warming and climate change, and in recent years this fear is becoming more of a reality. The California fires...

A chart on global temperature change over the last 100 years

Northern Virginia is Heated!

A Dive Into How Climate Change is Affecting Not Only Northern Virginia, But the Entire World
Written by Dillon Holdridge, Keagan Lanham, and Bridget Vasta December 14, 2017

Recently, Northern Virginians have experienced a few sweltering fall months after a very mild, snowless winter. A lack of frost can affect agriculture, and heat waves can cause the soil to dry up, leaving...

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