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Vice President, Biden’s campaign sign (left) and President Trump’s campaign sign (right) taken in the local area. Photo taken by - Mia Cammarota

Generation Z Voters and 2020 Affecting the Election

Written by Mia Cammarota, Ryan Wilkinson, and Kildea McMahon October 28, 2020

Americans are more polarized than ever, and as the election approaches it seems that Generation Z voters, as well as the recent events of 2020, will be the deciding factor of this year's election.  This...

Kavanaugh Controversey Shed Light On A Nation Divided

Kavanaugh Controversey Shed Light On A Nation Divided

Written by River Stone, Rebecca Faletti, and Mark Blevins October 25, 2018

In wake of the Kavanaugh-Ford Senate Hearings that rocked the nation, the bitter division between Republican and Democratic voters becomes increasingly apparent on both a national and local level. Former...

Trump’s First Year

Trump’s First Year

Let’s Recap...
Written by Connor Graham, Maryam Khan, and River Stone December 15, 2017

He’s been labeled Audacious. Bold. Determined. Outrageous. As one of the most controversial figures of the year, President Donald Trump has received far beyond his fair share of media attention. One...

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