LCPS Takes Actions to Protect Student Athletes During Play

LCPS has faced many COVID cases in teens over the course of the pandemic. According to COVID-19 data provided by Loudoun County government, COVID cases in Loudoun of ages 10-19 is at 4,807. Total COVID hospitalizations in Loudoun is 1,182. The total number of Loudoun deaths counts up to 293. With that in mind, LCPS has formed a plan to maintain the health and safety of its student athletes.

With students returning back to school and sports, winter and spring athletes must be fully vaccinated against COVID to practice or compete once the official season begins. Actions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through sports and athletes include requiring masks while not actively playing and vaccination for future athletes. Some student athletes weigh in on LCPS athletic policies.

Some student athletes weigh in on LCPS athletic policies. Cross country runner Andrew Green believes a collective effort from the community is the way to beat the virus. “We’re all a big family, even though some people don’t want to call it that, but we all keep each other safe.” 

What will the environment be like with everyone vaccinated? Sophomore volleyball player Izzy Demark says, “I think that it would make a safer environment for everyone, so we can play freely without a greater risk of being exposed.” 

Last year masks were required while in LCPS buildings during practice and games. This year, masks are not required while actively competing in games, meets, or matches.