The Best Local Restaurants – Hidden Gems

Whether it is a Friday night dine-out or just grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, here are some of the best places in Western Loudoun!

Velocity Wings


Velocity Wings is a local restaurant with a large menu and friendly staff. Velocity has two locations, in Purcellville and Lovettsville. Velocity Wings attracts all types of patrons from families to teenagers and has a wide variety of food and drinks. Maeve Bauer, a Woodgrove Junior, works at Velocity. “We serve chicken wings, burgers, and other classic American food, but there are also many vegetarian options,” says Bauer. Some popular vegetarian items include nachos, quesadillas, pretzel bites, and flatbreads. Velocity is a perfect place to come with family or friends and offers “an overall great experience,” says Bauer. Velocity Wings is in a central location and has something for everyone!

More Better Restaurant

More Better Restaurant, located in Round Hill, Virginia, is a hidden treasure. Their diverse German influenced menu offers a variety of well-known and delicious food, like burgers, sandwiches, soups, and salads, as well as a delicious dessert. Alivia Favereaux, a senior at Woodgrove High School, has eaten there a total of six times. “I like the ambiance and the people it brings in. There’s live music, so it’s really fun.” 

She recommends the jumbo pretzel, topped with salt and a side of German mustard. Alongside delicious appetizers, there’s also some unique dishes. The German Bratwurst is a footlong sausage served with garlic mashed red potatoes and sauerkraut, which is finely cut raw cabbage. Also on the menu, there’s the Jagerschnitzel, crispy pork chops topped with mushroom gravy and a side of fries or broccoli. Whether you’re into trying something new or sticking to your traditional classic wings, More Better has the right selection for you.

The Purcellville Pub

The Purcellville Pub is located in downtown Purcellville. Hosting an outdoor seating area, the Pub has a large selection of food including burgers, wings, soups, and a wide array of side dishes and desserts. The staff is friendly, and you can customize your order. “It’s a great family restaurant with a fun atmosphere. There’s a nice patio for outdoor dining. There’s an extensive menu including some great salads, sandwiches, and daily specials,” says owner Tor Cristofano.

One of the most popular menu items are the Beaver Dam Wings served with a tangy sauce rich with history. The owner serves the sauce to honor his departed friend who originally created the recipe. The Purcellville Pub is the perfect place to go for a socialization and a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.