Fall Sports Wrap-Up


Photo taken from the Woodgrove website.

Woodgrove campus from a bird’s eye view.

Fall is coming to an end, and with it, fall sports. Athletes from every Woodgrove fall team reflect on the season and what the future holds. 



Senior Aidan Landis, varsity football player, said that this season showed the increased skill of the team compared to past years. “This season has fulfilled my expectations to the fullest, and has left me curious as to what we can really do,” Landis says. Although he doesn’t plan to continue playing football in college, Landis may wrestle if given the opportunity.


Another varsity football player, Junior Alec Hughes, was pleased by how well the team worked together this season, especially after a year of COVID. “I think we’re constantly improving. It has been really fun to get back to normal.” The highlight of his season was scoring the game-winning touchdown against Forest Park. 



Senior Izzy Burley, varsity volleyball player, believed that this season has been everything she could’ve hoped for coming back from a year restricted by COVID. “We are trying to make up for it as best as we can, and I couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come and the people who have come out to support us again.” Burley plans to play volleyball recreationally in college.


Her teammate, varsity volleyball player Junior Sophia Hays, said, “I’m having a blast this season and I’m really happy to be back on the court for a normal year.” Although she has one more year on Woodgrove’s team, Hays’s ultimate goal is to play volleyball at a D1 school and eventually play professionally.



Junior David Robinson, varsity golf player, stated that this season met his expectations but at the same time left him room to improve. He’s excited to keep getting better through the rest of high school, and shares that he’d love to continue playing through college, especially at the College of Charleston, Coastal Carolina, or the University of Tennessee.


Cross Country

Senior Delaney Lynham, varsity runner, was excited to start this cross country season injury free. Because of this and a lot of COVID regulations being lifted, she described this season as “by far the best.” Lynham’s goal is to keep training hard during the spring track season in order to run for her future college.


Another varsity runner, Sophomore Prescott Noll, thought that this season went well. He noted that it was “a lot better than last year,” and went on to state that the highlight of his season was having rap battles before races. Noll’s goal for future seasons is to get in the top five or ten in some smaller races.


Field Hockey

Senior Lindsay Price, a varsity field hockey player, remarked that this year was much more normal than last year. She added that although “some of the team’s structure was very different than years prior,” her experience as a senior allowed her to have a lot of playing time, making this season more exciting. Even though Price isn’t planning on continuing her field hockey career in college, she’s hoping to participate in a spring league later this school year.



Varsity cheerleader Junior Madi Badillo found this season to be not only fun, but a good opportunity to get to know her classmates. “I’ve met so many new people and have become good friends with most of them.” She’s both excited and nervous about being a senior member of the team next year but can’t wait to continue meeting new people.


Freshman Aubrey Coates said that this season was amazing. One of the most memorable experiences for her was going to the Cheesecake Factory with her teammates. “It was by far the best thing we’ve done together.”


Even though fall sports are ending, this year’s winter sports are ones to watch. Make sure to follow your fellow Wolverine winter athletes as they compete in swim, basketball, indoor track, cheer, gymnastics, and wrestling.