Homecoming Red Carpet; What the Wolverines are Wearing

This year’s Homecoming Court is ready to reveal fashion secrets and what steps they took to prepare for the big event. 

Photo of Xanthe Bergel. (Haley Oliver)

Senior Xanthe Bergel raved about her sage green, polka dot dress. “I just love wearing vintage clothes and thrifting is super fun. Also, it’s really good to shop second hand.” Bergel walked homecoming court with her mom.






Photo of Annie French. (Ali Elliot)

Senior Annie French shined light on the background of her ensemble. My inspiration for this dress was actually quarantine. I bought this dress during quarantine and thought, why not bring the new me into the school year?” Along with her dress, French had a sentimental piece of jewelry with her.I got this heart shaped necklace for my 17th birthday from my mother and it reminds me of my family and why I’m here.” French walked Homecoming Court with her mom.



Photo of Luke Murtaugh (Ali Elliot)

Junior Luke Murtaugh shared his thought process while getting ready. “My dog, Fred, is my inspiration. He looks very professional, so I wanted to match.” Luke walked Homecoming Court with his grandma, Mary. 






Photo of Erik Cotter (Ali Elliot)

Sophomore Eric Cotter gave a witty remark when asked what brands he was repping. I am wearing Amazon Basic stuff and my pants are from Walmart. I like to wear suits, so I guess that is my inspiration.Eric walked homecoming court with his friends Jacob Ridderhoff and Steve Richards.