Tropical Smoothie Café: A Cozy, Comforting, Captivating Restaurant.

The location of Tropical Smoothie Café is in a small strip mall, right in-between a gym and a bicycle store. The restaurant itself is very small, unlike its menu, which sells a wide variety of food, mostly consisting of sandwiches and smoothies. When you first arrive, the outside area surrounding the building is empty, and dry looking. But as you enter, the unique color palette and ambience immediately surrounds you in a comforting feeling. I decided to go here because I have eaten there before, but never eaten inside of the restaurant, and was hoping for a pleasant surprise.

When I entered the restaurant, I was immediately put at ease. The color palette of this restaurant consists of blue, orange, brown, white, and light amounts of black. This palette works surprisingly

Photo of Tropical Smoothie, showing their diverse menu! (Lucas Cole)

well, with the contrast of colors working to make this place look very unique. The art along the walls of the restaurant  while you wait for your food to be cooked. The color palette along with the art makes this space feel like a home, instead of just an empty room where food is sold. 

There is music playing as well, but it is not overly upbeat or sad, it is something anyone can relax to. The music is also not too loud, so you can have normal conversation and not be impeded by the loud blaring of music. I was also hit with the nice smelling aroma of delicious food being cooked in the kitchen. The smells can vary from nice fruits, to strong meats, to light cheeses.

The food itself is very average. It’s as though you put thought into making it but not any spice. The food isn’t bland or bad, it’s still good. However, sometimes it just doesn’t have that flavor that would change the food for the better. I still enjoy all of the food, it all has different varieties of flavors and tastes.

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is that all of the food is healthy. There isn’t anything that is drenched in grease. The sandwich that I got, the Turkey Bacon Ranch, was a very balanced sandwich. It had an even amount of every ingredient inside. My only complaint however is that It could use either a little more bacon or  a little more ranch so the flavor isn’t masked by every other flavor.

The smoothies are a staple part of this restaurant, being in the name and all. They are made behind the counter, right where you can see the process. The smoothies are chilled to perfection, and blended enough where it isn’t too chunky or too watered down. The flavor is strong, and it makes you want to take another sip of the smoothie. With all of the different flavors, you are absolutely able to find one to like.

The service here is wonderful. The employees are filled with life as they ask about what you would like to order. They make casual conversation and make you feel comforted in the restaurant. Most of the employees I have encountered there all have been very down to earth and nice.

This restaurant is a beautiful establishment. My absolute favorite thing about this restaurant is its atmosphere. It would be a perfect place to meet with friends to get some food or work on assignments. The food itself is great, but it could use something to make the flavors more impactful. The employees are very friendly, and willing to help with anything. No matter how many times I enter this restaurant I always feel like any stress or anxiety gets alleviated once I step inside. I highly recommend this place.