Pho-Nomenal: A Restaurant That Lives Up To Its Name

There are very few restaurants that serve authentic meals, and Pho-Nomenal is one of them. Outside the restaurant has a light-up open sign to let customers know when the heavens door is open as well as windows all surrounding the front of the restaurant. Once you step inside it will make you feel like you’ve traveled 8,845 miles. On the ceiling, two long wavy lines follow you while being seated along with three remarkable chandeliers shining light to your path. Once you take your seat you notice that your table is a quite nice black and gold marble finish.

There isn’t much smell in the restaurant but there is soft calming music that greets your ear with a gentle knock at the door. Although Pho-Nomenal is small, it works in its favor with it being a relaxing silent place to eat.

Pho-Nomenal is located in One Loudoun, Easthampton Plaza, Ashburn, VA. Being more to the left of One Loudoun passing Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Bar Louie, and Barns & Nobles. Squished between Jefferson Ale House on one side and the Xfinity Store on the other. With the SportClips Haircuts across the street and T-Mobile store diagonally across from it. 

Around 2017 a restaurant that went by the name of Pho Royal had been sold to a new owner, Joe Nguyen, making a new non-chain restaurant, Pho-Nomenal, starting to serve customers by the year 2018.

Service at Pho-Nomenal is great. Their servers are well-mannered, attentive, and pleasant. The last server I had there was very alert and made sure the food was good and walked by with water in case anyone would like a refill. As my family and I nearly leave the restaurant with our belly blessed with delicious food, the owner says thank you for coming. The only problem would be that some of their staff members have thick accents and it could be difficult to understand when they speak but regardless all their service is good and the servers are respectful.

Arguably the most important part of having a good restaurant is having good food. Pho-Nomenal serves many phenomenal dishes. The fried spring rolls are filled with juicy pork, chicken, garden-fresh taro, lettuce, and carrot all wrapped together in a thin dough, leaving the dish crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

The fried rice is irresistible and a great go-to dish for newcomers. The recipe is straight from Vietnam with peas, diced onions, carrots, and a meat of your choice with the options being beef and shrimp all mixed with the fried rice. Also include sliced cucumber and tomatoes on the side of your plate. Just looking at the dish will leave your mouth watering and the first bite will have your tongue exploding with flavor as if it were the fourth of July.

Of course, the dish that Pho-Nomenal is best at is the Pho Tai. The round steak is so thinly sliced that it appears almost transparent. The rice noodle is perfectly cooked along with the meat and white onions, green onions, fresh herbs like cilantro and basil to top off the soup. On the side, the soup is served with fresh spicy jalapeno, beansprouts, and lime. The broth is steamy, having your mouth feel warm and cozy as if it were bundled up in a blanket next to the campfire on Christmas eve, the dish is just so well put together.

Overall I recommend trying out Pho-Nomenal and savoring their outstanding dishes, polite servers, peaceful atmosphere, and wonderful owner. Pho-Nomenal is just phenomenal.