Chipotle: Fast and Flavorful


The Chipotle building in Purcellville.

The Chipotle in Purcellville, VA is located in the middle of town around a bunch of other restaurants and stores. The Chipotle itself was just recently built so everything is modern and renovated in the inside and outside of the building. Although the actual size of the restaurant is small and there are not a ton of tables and eating space, it is usually never crowded, and many people get their orders to go, so that is not a huge issue. 

Chipotle is a Mexican grill restaurant and is set up so you can “build your own” food. I chose to eat at this restaurant because the service is quick and I really enjoy being able to customize my food to what I like.

When you enter the restaurant an amazing aroma of food fills the air as the workers greet you. All of the employees are very friendly and there is almost never a line when you walk in.

The Chipotle dining area in Purcellville.

There is always a light music playing in the restaurant. I really enjoy the music playing and it is at the perfect volume because you can hear it, but it’s not too loud to the point where the workers cannot hear you.

 The restaurant is surrounded by windows and has a lot of natural light inside. There are also a lot of other lights inside that are the perfect dimness. I have never had any trouble with the lights being too bright or dark in the restaurant.

The tables and bathrooms are almost always clean. I often see workers cleaning tables and picking up trash when I am in the restaurant which shows how much they care about being clean. The food stations also I often see being wiped off which also brings more appeal to the consumers.

At Chipotle I ordered a bowl with white rice, black beans, carnitas, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce. All of the ingredients I ordered were fresh and tasted delicious. I wish I would have tried the queso or corn salsa because they looked very appetizing when I was ordering. 

A Chipotle bowl meal.

I really like all of the different options they have available, I feel like there is something for everyone. In my personal opinion there is not anything I think they should add to the menu, they have a very big variety of foods and I don’t think anything is missing.

If you don’t like Mexican food or mild spice food then Chipotle might not be the best place for you. Although there are many different toppings and options at Chipotle, everything generally has the same flavor profile. I would definitely recommend trying Chipotle at least once, because you might be surprised by the freshness and flavor of the food. 

Overall, I think Chipotle has something for everyone and is a very well thought out restaurant. The delicious flavor of the food and the speedy service is what makes Chipotle such a great restaurant. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a good quick meal.