The Horseshoe Curve, a home away from home

The Horseshoe Curve Restaurant is right off the highway a little ways into the woods, making it seem right out of a fairy tale. When you drive up to it, it almost looks like it’s someone’s house. Do not let that scare you away from this magical place. The Horseshoe Curve sells simple pub food, anything from freckles, which are fried pickles, to your good ol’ cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and onion. The Horseshoe Curve is owned by a Vietnam War veteran and his wife. Together they entertain the guests and make some outstanding food. When I went I was not fortunate enough to see one of the many bands that they have playing there at various dates, but I’m sure they would be a treat to see.


When you first walk in you are greeted with a place that looks straight out of a movie. It is like a restaurant where the main protagonist walks in and sees one person at the bar, while the bartender has a rag over her shoulder after just cleaning a shot glass. Everyone seemed to know each other and the owners were very friendly. The husband entertained us with his war stories from Vietnam, while the wife was in the back cooking our food. It was a very peaceful place; the only noise you would hear was people laughing and talking. 


I ordered a chicken burger with lettuce and cheese along with a side of fries. The chicken was fried to golden brown perfection, you could feel the crunch in every bite. The cool texture of the lettuce complemented the chicken perfectly. All of that with the cheese there to hold it together made for the perfect sandwich. The fries were cooked like you would not believe. They were simultaneously crunchy and fluffy. No two items could have gone better with each other, it was a fantastic meal.


Overall, going to The Horseshoe Curve was a fantastic experience all around. There is really nothing bad to say about this. It was just so calming to take a break from everything, have a breath of fresh air, and enjoy remarkable food. Everything about this place was just perfect. From the atmosphere, to the fantastic stories given live by the owner, to the french fries which are to die for, this place had it all.