How has Covid Impacted the Holidays?

Holiday shopping stress has been amplified this year due to Covid related shortages and delays. During this holiday season, many shoppers found it difficult to purchase gifts online due to Covid. 


Manufacturing employment percentages have still not recovered to the numbers shown before the pandemic. With fewer people working in these heavy demand positions, it has become difficult for the supply chain to function efficiently. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Manufacturing employment is down by 270,000 people since February 2020.” These labor shortages have disrupted the supply chain for many online retailers, especially with the holiday season’s high demand. This has caused many more individuals to notice out of stock items while shopping.


Reflecting on how Covid has impacted her shopping experience this year, Woodgrove Learning Resource Teacher Elizabeth Smith says, “I have found that items on sale tend to sell out quickly.  I wonder if retailers are able to offer discounts like they used to, now that they, too, are facing troubles due to Covid, labor issues and supply chain issues.” Ms. Smith is not alone when it comes to encountering shopping problems. “I think the trouble is more when I am looking for a particular, very specific item,” says Woodgrove Counselor Barbara Bell. She then goes on to explain, “The biggest change I have noticed from previous years is the price of items. It seems everything costs more than last year…” 


The impact of Covid has spread beyond health and into consumerism, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows promising trends for employment and a return to normalcy.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics