Who is Ryan Wright?

Woodgrove alumna, Ryan Wright, has accumulated a following on music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, for her unique sound and relatable lyrics. 

Cover of Ryan Wright’s latest song “u were never mine”. (Amelia Magee)



Ryan Wright is a 19-year-old, Virginia-based singer and songwriter. She has released four songs, the earliest of which was released in 2019. Her music combines humorous lyrics and light vocals to create songs about heartache and the teenage experience.


Wright’s love for music was sparked at an early age. She grew up surrounded by music through her dad’s studio and going to live shows. “I started singing and writing little songs when I was eight years old and that stuck with me even when I wasn’t releasing anything or considering music as a path for myself,” says Wright.


Previously she had been wary of creating music out of a fear of failure. She had seen the stress the music industry had put on people around her, but decided if she was serious about pursuing music, she didn’t want it to be a secret.


 With nothing to lose, quarantine gave Wright a chance to delve into music creation, which quickly paid off. “A year later after a release I did in July 2020, I signed to a label, got into my dream school’s music program, and traveled around the country writing with other artists,” says Wright


Wright does not foresee her music career coming to a close anytime soon. She says, “This career took a lot of time for me to accept, and who knows what I’ll be doing in five, ten, twenty years from now, but I know for a fact that I will always make music.”