Woodgrove Winter Fashion

The winter months have settled over Woodgrove and wolverines of all grades are bundling into cool tones and layered looks. As new trends have emerged, wolverines are incorporating them into their everyday style.  


Alexa showcases her unique style. (Alexa Thompson)

Senior Alexa Thompson derives most of her fashion inspiration from timeless trends. Thompson says she tries “to not worry about buying from the most popular brands. Fast fashion pieces may be trendy for a few months, but they won’t last forever. Buy good quality clothing that uniquely makes you feel good, not clothing that will end up in the trash a year from now.” Most of her pieces are bought secondhand, ensuring that she is being sustainable and deliberate with her purchases.

Morgan’s ivy    league-inspired outfit. (Morgan Thomas)


Senior Morgan Thomas describes his style as “Avril Lavigne goes to Harvard,” pulling inspiration from classic ivy league looks. He also loves to pull looks from Pinterest and is religious about Vogue. “It’s my thing. I’m always on it online or holding the paper issue.” 

Thomas revealed he’s a huge fan of the 2000’s, “The pink, the glamor, the lip gloss. Does that reflect in my outfits at all? Nope! But the low rise jeans, the t-shirt with the shirt underneath. BLISS!”says Thomas. 

Mia shows off her accessories. (Robbie Showers)

Comfort is a must for many students including Sophomore Mia Helveston.  She incorporates “comfortable and edgy” into her daily looks. Accessories are a statement piece in Helveston’s apparel, sophisticating her outfits. Helveston finds inspiration from herself and doesn’t look to others for her creativity. 


Woodgrove Freshman Madyson Blizzard stands out in the crowd with her bold fashion statements. Her style capitalizes on the trendy fashion inspired from Haley Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Blizzard walks us through the basis of one

Madyson shows off her celebrity-inspired style. (Madyson Blizzard)

of her winter outfits. “I personally love layering clothing, for example a long sleeve turtleneck then a neutral color shirt and a stylish coat over everything.”