Woodgrove’s Favorite Movies

Woodgrove students have their favorite movies in mind with the Oscars right around the corner. Each grade level gives insight to various movies that are known and loved.

Photo of Senior Katie Flaherty. (Robbie Showers)

 Senior Katherine Flaherty loves Disney’s Tangled and has “watched it about 50 times, as it was played over and over again when I was a kid.”

Photo of Junior Abbie Hunley. (Robbie Showers)

The junior class moves away from the Disney classics and prefers action and suspense. Jack Kirby enjoys the movie Spiderman 2 and recommends the movie for those who enjoy the riveting excitement of action movies. Abbie Hunley claims her favorite movies are The Hunger Games trilogy with, “the perfect amount of suspense, thrill, and romance.”

Sophomores Teagan Lowery, Marlena McKim, and Keely Davdison agree that Mulan was the best movie ever. “It’s funny and nostalgic. I like it because of [the featured] women empowerment,” says McKim; “it’s also funny and educational.” Collectively, they all have watched it a total of five times. 

Freshman Aubrey Coates approves the movie Camp Rock for it’s creative plot. “My favorite actor is Demi Lovato. In Camp Rock, they really enlightened my world of singing which is why I am in choir.” Coates recommends it to middle schoolers as it “teaches you to be yourself.”

Whether it’s fiction or reality, romance or tragedy, students at Woodgrove agree that life lessons and inspiration can be found in their favorite movies.