Looks For Books; Teacher Fashion

If you look good, you feel good. These Woodgrove teachers are definitely feeling good! A teacher’s primary objective is to teach, but a few stand out in their fabulous outfits. Staff members who have shown their fashion presence get a spotlight to talk about their inspiration and favorite outfits. 


Photo provided by Ali Elliott

Woodgrove history teacher Richard Balas says, “One of my first jobs in high school was working at American Eagle, which back in 2006 and 2007, had a nice employee discount, so much of my clothing came from there during the high school and college years…I did manage to get the ‘best dressed’ senior superlative.” You can find Mr. Balas roaming the halls sporting Vineyard Vines and J-Crew.



Photo provided by Timothy Greening

Timothy Greening, a social science teacher, gives insight on his style muse. “My main inspiration is the Italian model Alessandro Manfredini. He’s got this amazing white beard and lots of tattoos with an impeccable sense of style.” If you know Greening, his role model makes a lot of sense, both having a striking white beard. 


Photo provided by Kent Staneart



               “In fall and winter, my inspiration is from the actors on Hallmark Movies,” answers social science teacher Kent Staneart with a humorous response. Woodgrove is rooting for Mr. Staneart to be cast in the next Hallmark movie!


Photo provided by Haley Oliver

Betsy Shores, one of Woodgrove’s math teachers, uses her mom as a basis for her outfits. “​My mom loves fashion. She stays very current in her fashion and keeps me up to date on my style. She is always looking at the latest trends and shops for me.” Although Mrs. Shores loves athleisure, she dresses up to keep herself young!