Local Charities around Loudoun

Loudoun County is full of non-profit organizations that work around the clock to help improve the lives of others. These organizations provide a variety of services like growing food or building houses for those in need.

JK Community Farms is a non-profit farm. According to their website, they are “designed to alleviate hunger and promote food education with chemical-free produce and protein.” Every piece of food grown on the farm is donated to food banks and food pantries throughout Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, and D.C. The fight against hunger is a popular charity as many people have dedicated their time to put food on the table for others. “We are fortunate to host about 4,000 volunteers annually to help with all planting and harvesting projects,” says Executive Director Samantha Kuhn. Anyone can sign up to volunteer by going to their website.

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds and provides affordable housing and repairs for families and individuals. According to their website, Habitat for Humanity was co-founded in 1976 between spouses Millard and Linda Fuller as well as Clarence Jordan. They created the concept of partnership housing, where those in need of housing work along with volunteers to build houses. Since then, this organization has expanded across all 50 states.

Within Loudoun, Habitat for Humanity has made a positive impact on the community. “The public support of our mission has been incredible, and we could not continue to impact the community without the support of Loudoun County,” says Laura van Leliveld, the Marketing Support Specialist. Even with this large amount of support, volunteers are always welcome to join this effort. “We offer volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of people, whatever your skill set, stage of life or passion, there is a place for you at Loudoun Habitat for Humanity,” says Leliveld. Many programs are offered at this organization, like the Home Ownership Program, Home Repair Program, and the Tools for Life Learning Center Workshops. All of these programs have helped to better the lives of families in Loudoun County.

Charities are an essential part of Loudoun County. They strengthen the community by helping those in need and uniting volunteers as they work together to make a better world. The Loudoun County Community appreciates the hard work these organizations do.