Woodgrove Bible Study

Within the walls of Woodgrove High School, a compiled list of over 80 clubs and organizations can be seen meeting in the mornings, evenings, and during Friday clubs. One of the newest additions to Woodgrove’s club list is the Woodgrove High School Bible Study, created by senior Catherine Caputo.

Upon beginning her senior year, Caputo felt called to spread God’s word within Woodgrove. “I felt for the longest time that I was called to proclaim Jesus throughout the school so that a Christian community could be built here… that people could feel support to study God’s word and make his name known throughout the school.” Thus, the Woodgrove Bible Study was born with hopes of sharing the gospel and helping others in their walk with Christ.

The club meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8:20 in Mr. Welsh’s room (L403). A typical meeting begins with prayer, followed by reading scripture– 1 Peter on Mondays and Romans on Wednesdays. Discussion groups then break out to discuss and understand the meaning of that day’s message. On other occasions, the club can be found watching nostalgic films, playing games, and eating donuts. 

Who’s welcome in the club? “Everybody! Every single person is welcome. That’s the beautiful thing about the gospel. It’s not just for one specific person… even if they just want to know more about the Christian faith, to ask questions, they’re welcome to,” answered Caputo. 

Caputo wants to ensure that students and faculty know the club is rooted in love. “I don’t want people to think it’s based around condemning people or pushing beliefs on one another; I want to share this because I want to show love to them, as Christ calls us to love others.” The club exists to help others understand the true meaning of Christianity “It’s not a Bible Study where we’re searching for the truth; it’s understanding that it’s already there. Understanding what He did for us rather than trying to get somewhere ourselves. When He died on the cross and rose again– that has the power to set people free.”

Caputo’s hope for the future of the club is that it will continue to grow and remain a positive light in Woodgrove’s halls. Whether handing out positive sticky notes, hanging up fliers, or speaking on the morning announcements, the club is striving to make their presence known.