Local Entrepreneur, Caleb Max

Caleb Max

Born and raised in Round Hill, VA, 24 year old Caleb Max has announced his run in the Congressional race for the 10th district. As a successful young entrepreneur, Max hopes to use the skills he has acquired over the last 13 years to fuel his campaign. In a sit down interview, Max divulged how he began his landscaping business, Caleb’s Country Services, at just 9 years old and how it became the immense success it is today.




9 years old

Max begins his venture into the business world by mowing his neighbors’ lawns. 


16 years old

Max incorporates his business, Caleb’s Country Services and expands from mowing lawns to offering mulching, mowing, tree removal, bush hogging, and more.


18 years old

Max’s business has now grown significantly, acquiring roughly 100 clientele and 5 employees. 


21 years old

In December of 2019 Max bought Pica Deli in Reston, Va, where he grew the sales exponentially– increasing the sales by 75%. Shortly into 2021, Max sold the business due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.


24 years old

Max announces his run for Congress, running as a Republican for the 10th district.