What’s the Drama…Department Up To?

The award winning drama club needs a strong leader to keep up with them. Beverly Pruzina recently took over the drama department at Woodgrove High School. Mrs. Pruzina wasn’t always a drama teacher. “I had a completely different career in Broadcast Journalism holding several on-air and editing positions for WCVE, WWBT and WHTJ,” but not only did she do that,  she “worked as a professional actor and had the unique opportunity to work in tours at Radio City Music Hall.” 

Unlike working in her previous careers, Mrs. Pruzina finds teaching the most fulfilling job she’s ever had. She loves seeing wallflower kids transition into extroverts; theater grows their confidence. “The most rewarding moment is when students realize they have incredible strength, perseverance, and the skill needed to make them unique and strong.”  

Mrs. Pruzina was drawn to theater because “theater is a world of its own, with so many different stories to tell, sets to build, props to create, lights to set, sounds to be explored. Theater is the true equalizer where it doesn’t matter what your background is or what you’ve done so far.” Mrs. Pruzina lives for the idea of watching her students step on the stage and give it their all. She feels her connection grow with students as the play prepares for release. 

Mrs. Pruzina pictures a big future here at Woodgrove; she plans on building a strong community where students are connected, proud of their work, and feel heard. She sees immensely talented students at Woodgrove. If you ever have a theatrical or film related question, Mrs. Pruzina’s door is open!