Woodgrove Library Scheduled to Close for Transition

A sign placed in the library informs visitors of the closure. (Robbie Showers)

Woodgrove High School’s library and office are switching places starting next school year to safeguard the school. A new office will be constructed in the space of the library and will allow visitors to directly enter the office from the front entrance doors without venturing into the school itself. This will ensure the protection of students and staff within the building. With the number of school shootings continuing to rise through the decades, the actions to provide extra security for students and staff is increasingly important.

This change comes as a result of a project known as “secure vestibules,” which was approved by LCPS in 2019 as part of their Capital Improvements Program. These changes are occurring at nine high schools across the county. Tuscarora, Heritage, and Briar Woods have been completed, while Dominion is in the process of being finished. Woodgrove’s library is scheduled to close for the rest of the year on March 11th to allow construction to begin, and all staff and furniture must be moved out of the main office by the last day of school. Over the summer, the main office will be moved to the art wing. “The hope is that we will be in the new structures by the opening of school next year,” says Assistant Principal Christina Thompson. 

The new library will feature skylights, a sound system for performances, and a separate space for teaching. The new bookshelves will be lower in height and will have wheels, and the technology help room will be located in the library as well. 

Teachers and staff are feeling optimistic about the changes. “I’m excited about it,” says librarian Karen Yurish, with librarian Sarah Emerson adding, “I feel it’s a step in the right direction for a more secure school.” 

This simulated image shows what the new library will look like. (Christina Thompson)