Woodgrove’s Favorite Ski Places

One of the most popular winter activities among Woodgrove students and staff is skiing. Seneca Sowers, a math teacher at Woodgrove High School, says that she enjoys skiing at a resort called The Wisp in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Sowers recommends this resort as it has multiple trails. “I started skiing at the age of five with my family. We took a trip to Wisp every year around Valentine’s Day for the weekend. It’s been something that I’ve enjoyed ever since. Unfortunately, I only get to ski one or two times a year, but it’s like riding a bike. It always comes back quickly.”

The Wisp Resort has 33 slopes and trails, totaling 11 miles of land for skiers to explore. Ranging from easy slopes to black diamond trails, there is a place for everyone. “It’s nice to start the day with a couple of easy runs before trying anything difficult. Deep Creek also tends to be a little colder and snowier than the surrounding areas, so the conditions are usually great,” Sowers states. 

While the resort is primarily for winter activities, there are other pastimes for people to enjoy. Freshman Denver Elliott, another Woodgrove skier who visits The Wisp says that “there is a lot of stuff to do near the resort like mini golf and go-karts.” They also offer rentals and lessons for both skiing and snowboarding.

To freshman Avari Flemming, skiing is a family activity, “My dad got me into skiing because he has been skiing since he was my age.” The Flemmings go to Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort located in West Virginia. Snowshoe Resort has a relaxing spa for non-skiers, and they also rent out tubes for flying down the mountain. 

No matter the resort, skiing is an enjoyable sport. Families from all over come to the snowy mountains for an enjoyable time.