History of March Madness


March Madness Court when Georgetown hosted #3 Xavier and #14 Georgia. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

In 1939, the Oregon Ducks beat Ohio state 46-33 to win the first ever NCAA Men’s District-1 Tournament. The first tournament was held in Evanston, Illinois. This started as a high school basketball tournament which transformed to a collegiate level competition. It has become a yearly tradition with 82 former champions and lots of excitement. The name March Madness didn’t become official until a sports commentator named Brent Musberger used the name in reference to the tournament in 1982. 

March Madness has evolved over the decades but saw a change recently. The March 2020 season tournament was canceled due to the Covid pandemic. Last year, the 2021 tournament was based out of Indiana to control the amount of travel and number of cases transmitted. It’s now 2022, and March Madness is back to normal. Games this year are all over the United States. The closest ones to Virginia are in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. March Madness will be an electrifying environment this year, fans can hardly wait!