Woodgrove’s Astrological Makeup

A star speckled moon, provided by Creative Commons.

A star speckled moon, provided by Creative Commons.

Students share their zodiac signs in order to determine which signs and elements rule the school! 


The poll results: 

Responses from the Zodiac Sign Poll.

Woodgrove is drowning in water – with 32% of students being a water sign; either a Cancer, Scorpio, or a Pisces. Water signs are known to be emotional, creative, understanding, and caring. This can be seen in clubs such as We’re All Human, PEER, Partners Club, and GSA. Water signs have an innate compassion for others and are the caring leaders of Woodgrove. 


Taurus and Cancer tied for first place, both with 14.7%. Taurus is an earth sign that’s represented by a bull. They are known for their dependability, stubbornness, and desire for stability and comfort. Much like a bull, they’re grounded and headstrong. Tauruses can be found in the art department or culinary classes, procrastinating over an assignment, or sleeping on the couches in the main hallway. Cancer is a water sign that’s represented by a crab. Similar to a crab, they’re sensitive, so their first instinct is self preservation in a conflict. They’re known to be overly emotional – switching from tears to joy in a moment’s time.


Air signs are in last place with 19% of students being either a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Air signs are logical, communicative, witty, and fast-moving. They’re likely to be found on the Woodgrove debate team or an academics club. 


In last place, with 4.2%, is Aquarius, which is an air sign. However, you’d never notice their absence because their large personalities more than compensate. Since they’re innovative and reformers, an Aquarius always takes the road less traveled. They’re willfully independent and sometimes distant — as their heads are “in the clouds.” They’re inventive, eccentric, and idealistic students. Independent Science Research would be the perfect class for an Aquarius. Aquarians are one of the smartest signs of the Zodiac, and they’ll make sure you know. They’re the type to debate the teacher with a Masters’ in the subject. If you’re having a bad day and need cheering up, don’t go to an Aquarius – they’re pessimistic to a fault. They also possess a lot of relentless drive. 


Walter Wolverine’s birthday is September 7th, 2010, making this lovely school a Virgo. A Virgo is an earth sign that’s typically self-sufficient, hard-working, neat, and lovers of learning. They can also be perfectionists and worry over inactivity or failure. Walter can be seen crying over a  99% grade, micromanaging a group project, or overthinking something that happened years ago. Woodgrove’s motto – work with integrity, honor others, and strive for success –  perfectly encapsulates a Virgo. 


As the results show, the signs seem to be evenly distributed throughout the school. This indicates that Woodgrove has balance: one student’s fire and vigor counteracts the other’s gentle and mellow personality; one’s dependability and patience checks the other’s airy, restless nature. Despite all of these conflicting personalities, when put together, these 12 identities blend harmoniously. 

Chart provided by Acadia Dyson.