Beautiful, Bountiful, Breathtaking Spring


A picture of the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. Photo provided by Creative Commons.

As the snow melts away, it slowly reveals the beauty of spring. Students and teachers across Woodgrove share with The Outlander their favorite things about this wonderful season. 


The first aspect people notice, besides the budding flowers of course, tends to be the change in atmosphere. Sophomore Daniela Holsing says she likes the spring weather, “It’s not too warm, not too cold.” The warm fronts slowly push out the lingering winter, leaving behind a refreshing sense of anticipation.


Along with rain and shine, there are new things to explore. Woodgrove Science teacher Mrs. Kathryn Gemmer details the wonderful variety of flowers she encounters in spring, “You have your daffodils, and your azaleas come out early, and all your little crocuses. I love all of those flowers; I think that’s just so exciting.”


With spring coming in, people seem to be getting outside more to enjoy the pleasurably temperate weather. Woodgrove Art Teacher Mr. Geoff Demark’s favorite spring activities include hiking and yard work. “I have a garden, and I enjoy taking care of it.” To him, spring represents rebirth, the perfect end to winter. 


Spring is a beautiful season bringing many positive feelings for students and staff. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel after a dull and dreary winter.