Caleb Max


Born and raised in Round Hill, VA, 24 year old Caleb Max has announced his run in the Congressional race for the 10th district. As a successful entrepreneur, Max hopes to use the skills he’s acquired in the last 13 years to fuel his campaign.

At just 9 years old, Max ventured into the business world with a local lawn mowing service. After exploring business prospects in farming and landscaping, he decided to focus on growing his landscaping business and expanding the services offered such as mowing, mulching, tree removal, and bush hogging. By 18 years old, Caleb’s Country Services was incorporated and growing exponentially, acquiring roughly 100 clienteles and 5 employees. 

When questioned on how he achieved his success at such a young age, Max shared that it’s crucial you don’t allow your age to limit your potential. “Don’t let anyone tell you your age is a problem… just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the exact same job, if not better.” When operating a business, professionalism is key. “If you called me and saw the services we offered, you would have no idea we were really young… If you’re professional, no one will ever ask you your age.”

For high school students trying to create their own business, it’s easy to skip out on the technical aspects. Max encourages entrepreneurs to incorporate their businesses: set up an LLC, etc., go through the whole process. “Even though I was 16 at someone’s house, they [clients] would go, ‘Well he still has insurance, he still has worker’s comp… okay, I feel comfortable hiring him.’” By doing such, it can increase revenue, improve professionalism, and prompt growth.

Max also shared that as his business grew, it was important to bring in outside help to complete certain tasks. For example, his sophomore year of college, Max found himself failing an Accounting 101 class, despite managing a business that was bringing in $600k-$700k in revenue. Upon his poor performance, his professor recommended that he drop the class and consider pursuing a different degree. Offended at first, Max accepted that his mind functioned as an entrepreneur and that he was creative, as opposed to mathematical. He then went on to explain that “in business, you want to be the dumbest guy in the room… You want your accountant to be the best person at accounting, your mower to be the best person at mowing, etc., while you’re in the middle making all that synergy happen.” Max went on to drop the business program and pursue a degree that would complement his skill set, ensuring the most benefit from his education.

Although Caleb Max did complete a degree from George Mason University, he feels that a college education is unnecessary to be successful as an entrepreneur. No doubt, the skills learned within a classroom are valuable, however, true education comes from hands-on experience. “I learned more from my business than I did in four years of college.” Max also shared that in his experience with other young adults, those who went to college were not put any farther ahead than those who didn’t. In fact, the individuals who did not go to college and chose to start a business or pursue a trade were more financially stable, as those who went to college are restricted by debt. “Obviously, if you want to be a doctor, you have to go to college… If you’re somebody who wants to work with their hands and start a business, you don’t need to go to college for that. I think college is good for everybody to go to, but I don’t think you have to do that to be successful.”

With the slogan “Country, Community, Common Sense,” Caleb Max has now announced his run in the US House of Representatives for the 10th district. With hopes of preserving our communities, Max aspires to establish an environment where small businesses can thrive. “Coffee shops, little restaurants, places of worship; that’s the fabric of a community. That’s how you get to know people. We have to protect those communities.” With a focus on “Common Sense,” Max recognizes the erratic financial management of the United States treasury and, if elected, hopes to use his business experience to implement legislation to improve our economic standing. “Nobody would get in debt and then open a new credit card to solve the debt problem, right? That’s what our country does.” On other fronts, Max hopes to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States and encourage Gen Z to create businesses of their own– as they are statistically less likely than any other generation to open small businesses.

Besides focusing on the nation’s economic wellbeing, Caleb Max’s campaign hopes to focus on human trafficking, child hunger and poverty, Lyme’s disease, and aiding in humanitarian efforts worldwide. Growing up, Max saw firsthand what it takes to be a member of Congress, taking inspiration from his grandfather, former US Congressman Frank Wolf. With an optimistic outlook, Caleb Max dreams of a nation undivided; where instead of fighting each other, we fight the issues crippling our country. “At the end of the day, if you do everything with most people’s benefit in mind, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican policy or a Democratic policy… you’re doing the right thing… My grandad always said, ‘there’s no such thing as friends and enemies, only friends and potential friends,’ and we’ve gotta breach those divides.”