Meet the Woodgrove Head Coaches

Every year, hundreds of students at Woodgrove High School make the decision to play a sport for their school. Do you know who  you are going to show up and play for each day? Meet some of Woodgrove’s head coaches.

Kent Staneart is the head coach for track and field. Every year, about 100-150 students run for Coach Staneart. During the school day, you can find him in the building teaching AP Psychology and US History. What is the former high school and college track runner’s favorite part of coaching track and field? “It is a fun, social, and low pressure sport. Most student-athletes that give track and field a chance find they really enjoy it, and everyone no matter what level they start at, gets to see themselves improve,” says Staneart.

Derek Barlow is a 9th grade PE teacher and strength and conditioning teacher who also coaches the Woodgrove football team. He played football when he was younger, in addition to basketball, baseball, swimming, and wrestling. This heavily influenced what he wanted to do in the future. “I always knew I wanted to be a coach because my high school coaches had such a positive impact in my life,” stated Barlow. Every year, 110 kids play football for Coach Barlow, making it one of Woodgrove’s most popular sports.

Tami Carlow is Woodgrove’s head swim coach and Special Education teaching assistant. She is a long time swimmer who started swimming on a club team at age 12 and swam at Cornell University. “I started coaching for the Lovettsville Dolphins in the summer and applied for the Woodgrove Swim Team when a position opened up,” says Carlow. Since getting the job, Coach Carlow’s favorite part of coaching swim is watching people improve their strokes and beat their times. If you want to be part of Woodgrove Swim next year, you should know one stroke and be able to swim 50 yards.

Russel Smith is Woodgrove’s baseball head coach and a PE teacher at Harmony Middle School. He played baseball growing up and through college. He’s always been a baseball guy. “After I graduated from college I knew I wanted to keep baseball in my life, so I decided to get into coaching.  I became an assistant coach my first year out of college and three years later was named the Head Coach at Woodgrove.” If you are an athletic person looking to get into baseball, Coach Smith is looking for you.