Loudoun Valley Wins First Amendment Press Freedom Award

 The Committee to Protect Journalists’ Press Freedom Award is a highly prestigious honor. It was bestowed on February 25th to our neighboring school, Loudoun Valley. 


The First Amendment Press Freedom award is given to media outlets that publish without administrator oversight. “They look at publications that express First Amendment rights. I would assume they usually consider schools who cover all kinds of topics, no matter how controversial,” states Junior Faith Casey, staff writer for the Loudoun Valley school newspaper, The Viking.


With fewer restrictions, the staff writers for The Viking have more freedom to write stories they feel passionate about. “It definitely makes it easier to write, having complete freedom,” says Casey. With the openness to write stories with little censorship, staff writers can write about anything not deemed unethical. “The only time we don’t go through with a story idea is if we can not localize it, although there will be exceptions depending on the subject, and if it seems unethical. Other than that, we have a lot of free will over what we choose to write.”


With less limitations in writing, the Loudoun Valley Viking continues to independently produce articles that allow students to express their First Amendment rights.