Woodgrove Library Undergoes Renovation


Picture taken by Jillian Lewis and is the current Woodgrove Library downstairs in L603 classroom.

The Woodgrove Library will be newly renovated and located in the space where the current main office and counseling complex is located. These renovations started on March 21, and will be concluded by the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. 

This renovation will completely upgrade the library and should provide an extra measure of security for the students.

According to WHS librarian Ms. Sarah Emerson, all furniture will be upgraded, including bookshelves. The majority of the shelves will be half-shelves, although tall bookshelves will still line the walls. There will be new tables and chairs, along with a space for performances, as a mic will be hooked up to the sound system.

When talking about the new space, Ms. Emerson said, “I think students will be able to continue to use the library to complete work and work with other students on projects or to read by themselves. It will continue to be a comfortable place.” 

County administrators mainly chose to switch the position of the office and library for safety reasons. Next year, when visitors visit Woodgrove, they will have to immediately enter the main office instead of entering the main hall of the building first.

Woodgrove’s Principal Dr. Sam Shipp said, “I believe Woodgrove is a very safe school, however, the design of having the main office in the middle of the school allowed visitors to enter into the school and potentially go to other areas of the school without first checking in. With this move, all visitors who enter into the school will immediately check in and will not have access to the rest of the school until they do so.” 

Because of the on-going renovation, the library has been temporarily relocated to the L603 classroom. The library still holds many of the same resources, just in a smaller space. The space includes tables and chairs for small group work, along with a small selection of books. The librarians also still have the printers going and the ability to help students with any questions or problems they may have. 

Freshman Elizabeth Malone, a regular at the library during the day and during lunch, talked about how having the library moved has affected her. She says while it still has all the resources it did before, she still misses all of the books that were once there. She said that when she passes the space where the library once was, she feels sad seeing it so empty. 

Malone does believe that the change will benefit the safety of the school, however. She said, “I do think that it is very beneficial and helps with the safety of all of the students. I think it will be beneficial in helping kids feel safer, in the fact that people have to walk through the main office areas immediately when coming through the front doors.